Chicago Geftakys Assembly

Leading Brothers: Roger Grant, Mark Lovik, Ken Ludwig, Gene Reisinger, Gary Mau

Early Chicago AssemblyThe Chicago Assembly grew out of an outreach to nursing students headed up by Gay (Mau) Walker and Karen (Krusich) Ling. Here is an early photo. Leading brothers Roger Grant, Mark Lovik, Ken Ludwig and Gene Reisinger are in the front row. Bakht Singh visited the Chicago Assembly in the 1970's. Samuel Ochenjele from Nigeria met Roger Grant in Chicago in 1980 and was introduced to the Assembly. In 1996 Mark and Connie Lovik were sent from Chicago to Lombard. Roger accompanied George Geftakys on all his African journeys. In 2003 the Chicago Assembly severed ties with George.

As of November 2015, the group continues to meet on Sunday and Thursday night Bible Study, and is conducting outreaches into the community. Occasionally Remedy Drive performs for an outreach, and Mike Zach is invited to preach. Samuel Ochenjele's youngest son George was in fellowship with the Chicago Assembly while he was in medical school; he is now married to Christa Miller from the former Geftakys Assembly in Oakland, IL. Samuel preaches in the Chicago group on his annual trips to the USA.

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