Missing information--got any clues??

Strikethroughs have been answered--refer to the Assembly Timeline.

Anybody remember when....

First Gospel March?
First ANOP?
First Children's Hour, puppet ministry, mimes, juvenile hall ministry, retirement home ministry, other ministries?
New Song began? Was it for the first tent campaign in Fullerton?
First Summer School? Was the first one at CSUF?
First Seminar at CSUF?
Wasn't there a publication called "Dayspring"? When?
Tracts published - titles and authors? when?
First Torch and Testimony? Anyone have the statement George made for it about the "acts  Atlas off the Apostles"?
First T & T in Spanish?

First book published? How many books were published? titles?
First Memorial Day "All Saints Day" (later became "Ebenezer Fellowships")
First East Coast Conference?
Were there also West Coast Conferences? When was the first one?
First Midwest Seminar?
Didn't we have "Holy Convocations" at one time? When? Didn't Bakht Singh come to one of them at what used to be Pacific Christian College on Nutwood?
First Teen Team?
First Teen Conference?
What were the names of folks sent out to other localities to live?

When did the Assembly bring a lawsuit against the City of Fullerton for no longer granting us the exclusive use of the Hillcrest Park recreation facility on Sundays?
When did the Assembly move to the Assistance League?
When was the first full time Worker?
When did Cornerstone begin?
When was the first Mission and Training Team?

When was the first tent meeting?
When did each of the Assemblies begin?

When did Sister Mayo deed the Woodcrest House to Mark Miller who was to hold it in trust to be sold and the money applied when the Assembly found a gathering place? (That never happened, and sometime around 1995 my mom's nursing home expenses were so great we asked for the property to be returned to her, which it was, after a bit of arm twisting. For years before we left, George used to plague her to deed the House of Prayer to the Assembly, which she refused to do.)

When did Marsha Zach contribute a large sum of money toward a gathering place?

When was that money eventually used to buy the property on Commonwealth for Cornerstone.? (The City of Fullerton refused to grant a conditional use permit for the school, so it ended up being Tim and Ginger's home.)

When did Kevin Healy donate his house on Grove.? (After he left, he consulted with us how to ask for it back. Again, after a bit of arm twisting he got it back).

When did Wes Cohen donate a chunk of money to be used for a school bus for Cornerstone (which was purchased but never worked out very well)?

When did Mark Campbell donate $10K toward purchasing a property for Cornerstone. (The money was not returned when the property was sold in 2003.)

When did Brent T. donate $10K toward building the house in Cuernavaca? When did Dave Zach also contributed significantly? When was construction begun on the Casa de Sion?

When did a brother in Fullerton inherit a house in Fullerton which, grapevine had it, he was pressured to donate it to the Assembly?

What year were Danny and Kimber Edwards sent to San Luis Obispo, after 40-plus saints left?

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