Geftakys Assemblies in Nigeria

Leaders: Samuel Ochenjele, James Ogebe

Current Status
Reported Abuses in the Otukpo Assemblies
Livingstone Academy
Report on Samuel Ochenjele's Ministry

Samuel Ochenjele is continues to lead 'the Assemblies' in and around Otukpo. He has not announced the excommunication of George Geftakys from the Assembly in Fullerton, CA, USA, but George is no longer visiting the Nigerian Assemblies. For details about Samuel's position on the issue, read the account of his visit to the USA Geftakys Assemblies in 2003.

Samuel makes yearly trips to the U.S., preaching at former Gefakys Assemblies, such as Placentia (now called "Placentia Christian Fellowship") and Chicago. He exhorts people to hold fast to the heavenly vision and pay no attention to the lies on the internet (this website and the Assembly bulletin board.) His son George is married to the daughter of the Chris Millers of Oakland, IL, former members of the Tuscola Geftakys Assembly.

Reported Abuses in the Otukpo Assemblies

After the collapse of the Geftakys Assembly ministry this website received a lengthy unsolicited letter about abuses perpetrated by Samuel in the Otukpo Assemblies. Initially the writer did not want the letter to be published for fear of retribution. We were able to verify most of the information by sources on the ground in Nigeria, and it was agreed that a summary of the information would be appropriate. Later he asked that the whole story be published.

The Samuel we knew when he visited the States in the 1980's seemed to be a gentle spirit. It grieves us to report that this is not the case. In Otukpo Samuel is in charge in much the same way as George was in the USA and the believers in the Otukpo Assembly are being controlled by similar harsh and abusive tactics.

Livingstone Academy

Computer lab at Livingstone Academy, NigeriaThe Geftakys ministry provided backing to begin a for-profit school in Otukpo, Livingstone Academy, and a medical clinic. Samuel continues to oversee these entities and receive donations from the USA. For example, the USC Marshall School of Business contributed computers to the school in 2004, at the behest of Pam Harris:

Samuel at USC "...Former Marshall School of Business student Pamela Harris ('04) put the wheels in motion for the computers to be donated to the Livingstone Academy, when professor Shook mentioned that the school was about to recycle them. Harris knew about the school through her church, which had been assisting the academy."

Two of the Sjogren boys in Omaha were at one time raising money on a regular basis for what their local newspaper called an orphanage for children with AIDS in Africa. This would seem to be referring to Samuel's ministry. Samuel's school has had AIDS orphans in attendance, but he does not have an AIDS orphanage. Brent T. and "Anonymous in Nigeria" comment on this.

Dr. Sunday Ochenjele, Samuel's brother, is continuing to serve the community with his own separate medical practice.

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