The Geftakys Assembly in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Leaders: Armand Cossette, Dina Dinakaran

In 1976 Flora invited Armand Cossette to an informal Bible study she led in her home. Armand introduced the Geftakys Chapter Summary method, and by 1978 he and other brothers were leading the Bible studies, as well as listening to tapes of ministry from the Fullerton Geftakys Assembly. The Ottawa Assembly began breaking bread in February 1979 with Flora, Armand and two others in attendance. Flora tells the story in her account. The gathering in Ottawa continued to meet after 2003, taking the name Nepean Christian Church. They disbanded in 2010.

Personal experiences about life in the former Geftakys Assembly in Ottawa:

Seeking Survivors
Marcia M.
Chris and Mary B.

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