Publications of the Work and Torch and Testimony

    The Torch and Testimony magazine
    Hymns and Spiritual Songs
    Pilgrim Journal
    Daystar (one issue, apparently several versions)
    Books of G. Geftakys' seminars
    G. Geftakys' poetry
    Believers' Prayer Letter - 1993? through 2002?
    Website - Christian Family Journal (name?)
        And You Shall Find Rest For Your Souls
        Christians In Trouble: A Tract for God's People
        A Controversy: Then...and Now
        Pas un comme Lui
        That's Not For Me
        The Candlestick of Pure Gold
        The Dominion
        God's Provision for Continual Cleansing
        Growing in Christ
        The Heavenly Ladder
        Once-for-All Reality
        Running to Win!
        The Significance of the Blood of Christ
        The Sin That Entangles
        The Sufficiency of the Scriptures
        The Way of a Man with a Maid
        The Work-a-Day Missionary

Publications in Translation - This information is gleaned from "The Believers' Prayer" Letter, May, 1997. It may be useful to trace the lingering influence of the Geftakys ministry abroad.


The Heavenly Ladder (booklet)
Candlestick of Pure Gold (booklet)
Sufficiency of the Scriptures (booklet)
Elijah the Forerunner
Testimony to Jesus


Thoughts on Prayer (booklet)
Elijah the Forerunner
Spiritual Perfection

    Yugoslavia (in Serbo-Croatian):

The Servant's Values

    In Spanish:

The Heavenly Ladder (booklet)
Itinerant Ministry (booklet)

The following have "made commitments" to translate:


The Testimony to Jesus
Sufficiency of the Scriptures (booklet)
The Heavenly Ladder (booklet)

    Tanzania (Swahili):

The Heavenly Ladder (booklet)
Jesus is the Son of God

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