Readers' Comments on List of Geftakys Seminar Titles

  "I wanted to let you know, though I am not sure of the dates (though I am certain that they fell between 1974-1979) that I recalled some seminars that are
not on the list of seminar titles. They are: "Jesus is the Son of God"; "Elijah The Forerunner" (I found a copy of this in a book store a few years later); "Mountains of Spices". This last one was all from Song of Solomon and this was when I really began to wonder about George's teaching, because the whole seminar was very mystical. I remember Chris Small (this is one way to date the Seminar, because Chris Small was still there at that point--if you remember, Chris said, "I did not understand any of that!!" after the last installment was taught by George. I pretended to understand a lot of it and acted very impressed by it at the time. :>)

I also have a very vague memory of going to the tail end of a seminar that was held at a college when I first joined the Assembly in 1974. Perhaps I am thinking it was a seminar when in fact it was something else, but thought I would ask if you or Steve recall there having been a seminar that was held, or partially held, on a college campus in Fullerton? It was during the day on a Saturday I believe. Just curious.

It's amazing how much you can forget, and how time can get completely confused in your mind. I literally have no idea when certain seminars were held, and have forgotten so many of the titles, though I attended quite a few of them!! But I really enjoy looking at the photos and seeing the Assembly History as it has been pieced together so far. Great job!!


Editor: The college campus you remember may have been the former Pacific Christian College, now Hope University, on Nutwood in Fullerton, across the street from CSUF. We had a "Holy Convocation" there with Bakht Singh, probably around 1974.

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