The Geftakys Assembly in Springfield, Illinois

Bob Starr, Mike Oldaney, Bill Bradbury, Bill Dey

An Assembly began in Springfield in 1976 in the home of Bob and Carolyn Wenneborg, who for three years had been driving the 72 miles to Tuscola for meetings. George had been hesitant to let Springfield begin breaking bread on their own because Bob W. always questioned George and shared the independent spirit of some of the Tuscola folks (who later left GG's ministry.) Eventually Mark and Diane Miller were sent there from Tuscola to be GG's "strong hand."

Brinda M. recounts, "Bob was reading in the Word one day and sensed the Lord speaking to him about being the "master of his own house." That got Bob to thinking about his situation and led to their leaving. The end came for them in 1979 when Bob and Carolyn "left fellowship" but had to literally reclaim their own home." The Springfield Assembly began meeting in a storefront.

Sometime around 1980-1982 Bob and Sherrie Starr were sent to Springfield from St. Louis. In 1994 the Starrs were sent from Springfield to the work in San Diego. In 1993 Tom and Tracy K. were sent from Springfield to the work in Providence, NJ. Around 1993-1994 Mike Oldaney and Bill Bradbury were appointed elders in Springfield. Bill Dey was a Leading Brother.

In 1996 Springfield had their first tent campaign. The normal Assembly meetings were as follows:

Tuesday Bible study (moved to Wednesday)
Thursday prayer meeting
Friday Monthly ANOP
Saturday morning tape meetings
Sunday worship, afternoon outreach and meeting.
Outreaches to the state fair in the summer
Participation in parades on several occasions

Bob Wenneborg went to be with the Lord several years ago. His wife Carolyn battled with cancer in 2007-2008.

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