"Ask Questions", Revised 2011

By a former SLO Assembly member, first posted on the Assembly bulletin board in 2003, revised in 2011.

It has been said that those who are ignorant of history repeat it. I've heard that some profound changes have taken place in some Geftakys-influenced gatherings. That is truly encouraging, but don't settle for a merely repackaged Assembly system. 2 Cor 7 speaks of zeal in repentance. Expect that from the leaders. In my opinion, the changes will be in their attitude first, then their behavior.

Be patient, but if something looks wrong, ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS! FOLLOW UP! GET OUTSIDE INPUT! Don't feel guilty about holding the leaders accountable. Leaders should be held more accountable than non-leaders. Leaders in the Geftakys ministry were not used to being held accountable except by those ABOVE them in rank.

Book coverYou are not being 'divisive' if you ask questions that used to be forbidden. You have a right to know (especially given the past). Investigate with a gentle attitude, and keep in mind this quote from the book entitled Tired of Trying to Measure Up, by Jeff VanVonderen (pg. 70):

In a safe system, your confrontation should be welcomed, even if there is not full agreement. However, change takes time, so if you are rebuffed, don't automatically flash accusations.

The following questions will help you evaluate, and perhaps participate in the process of change in a Geftakys-influenced group:

  1. How much interaction is there between the group leaders and leaders of other churches?
  2. Are you uncomfortable about asking leaders of other churches what they think about this group?
  3. Do the leaders encourage you to read this website to learn the historical facts about the Assembly, or do they drop subtle hints that the site is inappropriate in some way?
  4. Do the leaders openly invite you to ask questions about the history of the group and the Assembly?
  5. Do the leaders give vague or pat answers to your questions?
  6. Do you think that if you ask certain questions regarding the Geftakys Assembly connection the leaders will accuse you of being 'suspicious', or use some other means to make you feel like you just crossed an invisible line that you weren't supposed to cross?
  7. Do you sense that Assembly history is a forbidden subject in this group (even when the leaders are not present)?
  8. Are the leaders open to the idea of using some of the books and tapes that are listed on this site to help people learn from the past? Other churches have cult workshops. If you want to reduce the risk of being enslaved again in a yoke of bondage, then it will help you if you learn about the dynamics of what makes these groups tick.
  9. Are book recommended that are listed on the Assembly Reflections website?
  10. Are the finances handled openly with no pat excuses for secrecy such as, "Well, the Lord knows how to handle His money"?

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