Child Training...or Child Abuse?

Submitted by a former ten-year member of a West Coast Geftakys Assembly

Please judge for yourself: Is this child training, or is it child abuse?

For more on Assembly teaching about child training, see Child Training for God's Servants by Ginger Geftakys, and Infant Abuse in the Assembly.

Ezzo Growing KidsThe Fugate Child TrainingGrowing Kids God's Way and On Becoming Babywise programs developed by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo were used to undergird Assembly teaching on children. The Ezzos were formerly very involved in John MacArthur's Grace Community Church where Gary was an elder. At some point, the elder board became alarmed at certain elements in their teaching and issued a public statement distancing the church from it. Grace Church now has a website devoted to the problems with the Ezzo program. In earlier years the Assembly used What the Bible Says about Child Training by Richard and Virginia Fugate. Here are some readers' comments on the Fugate program.

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