The following are posts from the Assemblyboard, providing clear evidence of the "creative theology" that was "tried out" on unsuspecting brethren. Does anyone have notes on the "seventh day creation of Adam" teaching that you would be willing to send in? It would be good to have some documentation.

From Canada: 

“I would like to cite two obvious examples of the degree of our deception:

7th day creation of Adam

Taught in Fullerton, at a Midwest Seminar and at a Workers Seminar.

I do not recall hearing George teach this, however others have. How many gave him the benefit of the doubt on this? How many talked to him about it? How many actually took a stand against him on this?  How many didn't even 'realize' that they were taught this (maybe I am one of them)?"

Superhuman Christ

The teaching goes something like this: Christ never sweat, choked, got dust in his eyes, burped, etc. He wasn't really human, but superhuman.

I personally heard Tim Geftakys speak of his leaning towards this kind of belief. I was present when my husband talked to Tim about this after the meeting, and Tim did not change his mind at the time. 

He may have changed his opinion about this now, however it does indicate that he was heavily influenced by his father (George Geftakys), and was deceived. It brings into question to whether or not he is qualified to lead any flock until his head has been cleared from his cloudy deceptive condition.“

Other witnesses from the Assemblyboard on the 7th day teaching:

From Annandale, VA:

“Lack of discernment is something I believe we all need to seriously face.  [Another individual] and I were present to hear the 7th day creation teaching when we were guests at the 2002 worker's conference. 

[The individual who was with me] asked four brothers (all Workers) after the meeting in their cabin if he had heard George correctly--"Did he say what I think he said?” They all agreed that's what he said, and the conversation stopped dead right there. It's way past time for us to have our 'senses exercised to discern good and evil'.”

From San Luis Obispo, CA:

“Tim Geftakys told us that ‘contrary to some Christians' beliefs’ God did not become a man. What? Now we were totally lost. What's the incarnation mean? I thought Jesus was 100% God & 100% man. But Tim proceeded to tell us that God always existed and couldn't change to become anything or anyone. Therefore, it was his and George’s view that God did NOT ‘become’ a man.  Thank God we were out of there within a year”.

Other examples of wrong teaching in the Assembly:

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