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Abusive Churches,   P Zukeran Key link to excellent summary of Dr. Enroth's book, Churches That Abuse.
Apocalypse XII  S Irons Analysis of G. Geftakys' preface to his poem
Apocalypse XII cover art  R Bates Scanned image, two sizes 
Already Glorified  J Sperling Glorification will be a gift, not something we have earned
Apology  M Irons Key practical discussion of the elements of a meaningful apology
Appeal to Assembly Leadership  C Miller Scriptural qualifications for leadership
Ask Questions  J Hutchinson Key questions to ask of groups influenced by the Geftakys ministry. "You are not being 'divisive' if you ask questions. You have a right to know (especially given the past)."
Assembly Love  A Hartman A short story comparing Assembly love with biblical love
Assemblyspeak  A Hartman Some pitfalls of Assembly catch-phrases
Assembly Weddings  M Irons Addresses the issue of whether Assembly marriages have been legally solemnized
Beginning of Sorrows  D Mauldin/Brent G. Geftakys preached that the tribulation would begin in the 1980s.
Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees  Brent T. In-depth study of the errors of the Pharisees
Brainwashing  Anonymous Similar result of Korean war "brainwashing" now seen in some Assembly people
California Marriage Law  State of CA Sections of California Family and Penal Code relevant to marriage solemnization
Code of Silence  Brent & Suzie T. Key analysis of how problems are hidden and a false impression is created
Continuing Assemblies  S & M Irons Current status of existing Assemblies, last updated March 4, 2006
Could There Have Been a Few Sociopaths Among Us?  M Irons Focuses on the effects of following a sociopathic leader
Couple Counseling in Violent Family Relationships  P Frank Excerpts from "Confronting the Batterer" by Phyllis P. Frank & Beverly D. Houghton
Creative Theology  Assembly Bulletin Board  7th day creation of Adam, super-human Christ
Cults: Questions & Answers  Dr K Rhoades Scientific approach to cult characteristics
The Cycle of Devotion  S & M Irons Analysis of actual purpose of "The Heavenly Ladder" 
Damages Done  Dr R Enroth Excerpts from Chapter 2 of Dr. Ronald Enroth's book, "Recovering From Churches That Abuse"
Defense Mechanisms of Addicts  M Campbell Defenses that prevent honest evaluation of the situation
Domestic Violence  D Berry, JD Excerpts from "The Domestic Violence Sourcebook" By Dawn Bradley Berry, J. D.
Elements of Recovery  Dr P Martin Key quotations from "Dispelling the Myths" by Dr. Paul Martin of Wellspring Retreat
Errors in Assembly Doctrine and Practice  H Fryling Key overview article
Evaluation of Statements from Torch and Testimony Publications * L Irons Key documentation. Quotes from five of G. Geftakys' books, with concluding summary of the problems of his teaching
Exclusive Brethren  ReachOut A compilation of extracts and analysis that summarizes the theological and doctrinal separations that have plagued the Exclusive Brethren since inception.
The Exclusive Brethren   BBC Text of a BBC documentary on the Exclusive Brethren.
Facts vs. Lies  Hope of Survivors Link to article on "The Hope of Survivors" website, on misconceptions about clergy sexual abuse 
False Holiness  M Campbell False holiness is "DO!", instead of the "DONE!" of true holiness
False Holiness, condensed version  M Irons Key condensation of original article
Fear, Pride and False Virtue: The Weapons That Protect the Assembly  Brent T. Written in 2002, pertinent to West LA's decision to receive G. Geftakys again in 2006.
Finances in the Assembly  Brent T. Written in 2002, about secrecy and failure to pay taxes.
Full Salvation by Devout Effort  S Irons Key documentation. Lengthy Analysis of G. Geftakys' doctrine of salvation. 
The Galatian Crisis  S Irons Quotes from F. Bruner shed light on George's theology of works
Getting a Promise  J Sperling Humorous anecdote about the wrong-headed Assembly practice of "getting a promise"
Getting Back to the Book of Acts  D Sable Analysis of this concept using hermeneutical principles outlined by Gordon  Fee
George's Abusive Methods  S Irons Key documentation. Excerpts from a tape transcription of a Workers Meeting
George Geftakys' Heavenly Vision  Brent T. Lengthy examination of this key concept
A Glossary of Theological Terms  S Irons Explanation of a few technical theological terms
A God Unlike the Assembly God  T Palmer Exposes the fears and shows the love of God
A Green Bay Tree  M Irons The wicked bay tree disappeared, leaving the vine in a heap that was growing in it's branches.
Guilty for Carnality  S Irons An example of how G. Geftakys manipulated by guilt
Healthy Assembly Afterlife  D Sable Description of our ingrained attitudes toward churches, and some pointers for getting beyond them
A Healthy Church  M Fehlauer Excerpt from Healing Spiritual Abuse
Heavenly Ladder: A Morning Prayer  G Geftakys Scanned image of the "Heavenly Ladder" card
"Heavenly Vision=This Ministry" Diagram  G Geftakys Scanned image of detailed hand-drawn diagram
The Inner Ring  C S Lewis Analysis of the innate human desire to be a part of the elite inner circle
*  The Jesus Movement  N Newswander History of the Jesus Movement of the '60s and '70s, the milieu of the birth of the Assemblies
Leaving the Assembly  Eric B. Discusses excommunication, shunning, and other methods brought into play when people left the Assemblies.
Letter From Dr. Solomon's Colleague  T Messer Comments on G. Geftakys' doctrine of works as stated in his books 
A Message to Wives * M Irons / B Geftakys Notes from a talk Betty gave to wives.
Mind Control in the Assembly  Anonymous An imaginary dialogue and a real-life Assembly example of Assembly mind control
Misplaced Loyalty  T Maddux Key analysis of the destructiveness of this core Assembly precept  
More Puzzle Pieces  Editor Telling anecdotes contributed by E. Long, B. Trockman & T. Maddux
Of Gnats, Camels and Television  Kimberly T. Shows the dynamics of Assembly control through legalism that majors on the minors
*    An Open Letter to Assembly Folks  Anonymous Worker Written in 2/2003, a valuable contribution to the whole picture. Excellent!
FAQs on Overcomer Teaching  T Maddux Answers to  questions about "overcomer teaching"
The Pattern of Love  M Irons The "pattern" is actually Christ Himself in us, not us doing it all right
Plymouth Brethren Heritage  M Irons Weaknesses of the Plymouth Brethren system
Problems with Assembly Teaching & Practice  S & M Irons Key description of the characteristics of the Assemblies. Includes questions to ask of existing groups.
* Profile of a Sociopath  Exit & Support Network Good complement to Assembly-specific article, "Could There Have Been a Sociopath or Two Among Us?"
Puzzle Pieces  W & P Mathews Anecdotes that helped the Mathews construct the picture on the puzzle box
Reckoning Faith  S Irons Key documentation of George Geftakys' teaching on holiness. 
Relationship Checklist  Dr K Magid / M Irons Table of safe and unsafe characteristics, adapted from Dr. Ken Magid
Report on Nigeria  Compiled by M Irons Sources in Nigeria report abuses in Samuel Ochenjele's ministry
Report on Nigeria: Editor's Commentary  M Irons Points out correlations between incidents in Nigeria and Robert Lifton's criteria for thought reform
Robert Lifton's Criteria for Mind Control Applied to the Assemblies  B Steele Key analysis showing how Lifton's 8 criteria for mind control were operative in the Assemblies
The Role of Leading Brothers  Bulletin Board  
Samuel In Fullerton,  S Irons Account of Samuel Ochenjele's visit to Fullerton in 2003
Simple Trust  J Sperling Recover the gift of simple trust that was taken from us
Some Questions for Mike Zach  Chuck V. Mike Zach's part in the division of the Miller family
"Sonship"  S Irons Documentation from G. Geftakys' on this subject
Three Filters  Brent T. Shows the three doctrines that support the Assembly interpretation of the verse, "Obey your leaders...", Heb. 13:17
What George Believes About His Ministry  S Irons Key documentation of G. Geftakys' underlying principles in his own words
What's Happened To Us?  A Hartman The devil's plot carried out in the Assembly - but there is hope of recovery
Which Is It?  S Irons Exposes doctrinal contradictions between two 1990 Assembly pamphlets. 
Who's Your Daddy?  D Sable Why Brother George became for some of us the father-figure we longed for
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