Index of Creative Writing and Humor

April Fool's Day, by "Blue Jay" Assembly Love, short story by Al H.

Black and White, poem by "Torey"

Charlie Brown, Christmas meditation by Dave Sable

Denial, YouTube sketch on denial.

 Desecration, G. Geftakys singing a song, by "Moonflower"

First Love Denied, anonymous poem

George Displays His Unspeakable Gift, satire by Dave Sable

God's Character, poem by "Torey"

The Good Samaritan, retold by Mark Campbell

Little Georgie and the Giant Hand, satire by Joe S.

The Hardest Thing, poem by "Torey"

Healing Things, poem by "Torey"

In Fond Remembrance of Our Dear Brother..., parody by Dave Sable

Monroe the Jackass, satire by Joe S.

Moving, poem by "Torey"

Numbers by Kathryn A. My Escape from the Assembly, poem by Mary W.

The Olympic Gym, allegory by Brent T.

Overcomers All, poem by Judy F.

Paths, poem by grown-up Assembly kid

Quizzical Eyes, poem by "Torey"

Remains, poem by "Torey"

Return from Exile, poem by "Torey"

Rudolph, the Berean-Minded Brother, song by "the Cisco Kid"

Second Person of the Trinity cartoon

"Stop it!!", relevant Bob Newhart sketch

Sunday Morning, poem by "Torey" At Three Years, poem by "Torey"

Traversing Purgatory, a satire on church-hunting, by Elizabeth Esther.

'Twas the Night Before the Winter Seminar, by "Reconciled"

An Unobserved Visitor, short story by Dave Sable

Vigil, poem by "Torey"

We Chewed Gum, lyrics set to "You're So Vain", by "Moonflower"

Worldview, poem by "Torey"

You Are Loved, My Son, poem by Christina K.

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