"The Administrative Throne" Chart

Diagram from a lecture by George Geftakys

Sometime in the 1970's George gave a lecture on "The Administrative Throne," which seems to have been part of a series. We have no notes, unfortunately, but we have this diagram, labeled Chart 20. It gives some insight into the paths of George's thinking, because he considered it significant enough to have the zodiac elements in it hand-painted around the chalk board in the lecture room in his home in Fullerton. He had a book called The Gospel In the Stars that he let a few people read.

Comments from readers:

July 6, 2007, Anonymous:  "After looking at "The Administrative Throne Chart" I am reminded how much George's teachings referred to Mythology. Around the late 80's I remember learning from George that these myths held genuine truths but were perverted. George, with his deep spiritual insights, would refer from to these myths and use them as illustrations to points he happened to be making at the time. At the moment I can't remember any specific illustrations he used. Perhaps someone else can?"

July 11, 2007, Jacques:  "It seems this chart is an interpretation or a set of ideas spurred on by the subject of The Gospel in the Stars book. This book is still available. The premise of the book is that the "signs in the heavens" in Genesis refer to the constellations and that through time the pure stories of the constellations have been corrupted. By looking at the names of the stars etc. the author lays down a possible original meaning of a storyline which the constellations tell in order. This would be the story of a deliverer and the church. It lists a lot of persuasive points and I don't think can be completely discounted. Now, certainly using the stars and planets positions at birth to foretell personality and the future is unbiblical and not at all what this book purports."

July 11, 2007, Editor:   Even though the signs of the zodiac are annotated with references to the work of the Redeemer and the benefits to the redeemed on this chart, GG chose a title that refers to the seat of government. He constantly reminded us that the leadership of the Assembly was God's government on earth. I remember him conducting Workers Meetings and lecturing in his lecture hall, standing there surrounded by the signs of the zodiac in the background, and I can easily imagine him being very pleased with this perfect setting that portrayed him as Heaven's chosen administrator and mouthpiece for this age.

November 28, 2007, Anonymous:  "Anyone else would have been reproved for having signs of the zodiac in their ministry. It was so long ago that I don't really even know what to say or think, but he truly walked in darkness."

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