Apocalypse XII Excerpt, Cover Art and Chapter 1, Stanzas 3-6

George Dmitri Geftakys
(Steve Irons wrote a brief commentary on this poem.)

Woman clothed with the sun

Elect lady spun in pain with child
    The stars travail an awesome reach of Draco's trail
        Seven-horned Serpent armed with hate
            Devour that child as soon as birthed
    Michael pursued with blinding light
        A rod to rule and scepter shake
            all heavenly realm and earth

Before the sigma age begun
    A planisphere wonder in the Lamb
        And far below a testimony of the lamps
            For in their radiance shone
    Shekinah glory an incarnate form
        Appareled golden light framed eyes aflame
            Held mystery of the stars and brazen feet

Stigmatic wound upon the soul
    The horn emerged through the palm
        The quill that held the hand
            There hidden in its power
    Ciphered signature 'longated life
        Consignment scripted sealed with tears
            A woman enfante paradise

Such vision tries the sanctified heart
    A searching probe of two-edge sword
        Ten days of tribulation to be cast
            By blood of Lamb they overcame
    Confessed the purifying word that kept
        Slandered imprisoned unto death
            Royal seed loved and enthroned

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