Campus Letter

Pat M., a former former member of the Assembly in Champaign, IL, submitted the following letter. She said, "Below is a word for word transcript of an email I received recently from someone who received it when they were a student on a campus in the Assemblies. It was written in the fall of 1999 and illustrates the level of control that the Assemblies and the campus work sought to have on others.  I have removed all names out of respect for the privacy of those who received the email. Suffice it to say that three of the recipients were newly involved and wisely didn't stay involved very long. Many of the elements of an abusive system are there, I think."

"Dear Fellowlaborers,

As some of you already know, I am responsible for the campus booktable and prayer meeting this semester.  Consequently, I wanted to use our new group e-mailer to just let you know a few things about this ministry.

1. New campus workers - ___,____,____,____, and ___ should each schedule a individual meeting with me sometime in the next few weeks.  I want to discuss basic aspects about the ministry and to find out how each of you are doing. I am free every morning for breakfast except Thursday as well as for Wednesday lunches.

2. Please communicate with me about anything and everything having to do with the booktable, prayer meeting, rally, duties, etc.  I want to know when there is a problem or when you cannot make it to an activity.  We stand together for each other in this ministry by communicating with one another, taking counsel with one another, and in prayer.  So please let me know if you cannot make a booktable or prayer meeting.

3. The gospel rally next Friday from noon to 1 PM is not optional. I give you this notice so that those of you who have class can make any necessary alternative arrangements with your Profs and TAs.  I expect you to either be there or to see me about why you cannot be there.  I do not expect everyone to share a message at that time but I do expect that you will talk to me if you cannot.  Your contribution is very needful whether or not you share.

4.  The Lord has entrusted us with a stewardship in the campus ministry.  The only requirement of stewards if FAITHFULNESS.  Success in the campus ministry is not based on gifts, experience, numbers, flashy banners, etc...but on faithfulness to what the Lord calls us to do.  If you commit to stewardship (even just being at a certain place at a certain time) be FAITHFUL to it or let me know so that you can be let of of your commitment.  Please keep this in mind as the stewardship is something we all share equally, my contribution being no greater than yours.

5.  Please contact me IN ADVANCE if you cannot make a booktable or prayer meeting.  My phone number is______and my email is ______.

6. In general, see me BEFORE you schedule meetings (even with ____(an LB) during booktable.  There are over 100 other hours in the week to meet with people (underlined) so at least try to talk with me before you schedule a meeting during that time.  Also, booktable time is not a good time to schedule anchor groups or to meet with your TA.

7. I know that many of you are VERY BUSY.  Please talk with me if your duties in the campus ministry are becoming too demanding.  We all stand together and will try out best to help relieve you of any overtaxing burdens.  Just let me know.

8. Booktables on Tuesday begin at 11 AM and end at 1 PM and on Thursday begin at 11 AM.  From now on we will have the booktable set up prior to 11 AM and taken down at (not 15 min. before) 1 PM. This will begin tomorrow when I arrive at 10:45 to set up the booktable before the rest of you arrive.

    In a related note, either be on time or let me know that you can't be on time.

9.  Next semester we will have our booktables at the same time so please leave your schedules open during that time.

10.  If any of these things present a problem, just let me know.  The point is not to just burden you with rules and regulations but to teach you to labor with others.  Please see ME if you have any questions about these things or if you just want to talk about the campus ministry in general.

In Christ,


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