Daystar pamphlet This is the first and only second edition of "Daystar", an evangelistic pamphlet (11x17 quarter-fold):  Front, back, centerfold, foldout bottom half, foldout top half. This edition was used as an invitation to a home Bible study in Costa Mesa. It included Mark W.'s testimony and a Gospel message written by Tom Maddux. The art work is either by Rand B., or more likely, by Tom M. (not Maddux), who was given the responsibility for this publication in a Workers Meeting. Tom and Terri left the Assembly not long afterward. The clear gospel in this publication is an example of the orthodox-looking face of the Assembly; it expresses what we all thought we believed.

Tom Maddux reminisces about the origins of 'Daystar': "Around 1976 I wanted to start a small evangelistic paper to hand out on the Pierce College and CSUN campuses. I mentioned it in the worker's meeting, and Tim Geftakys was enthusiastic about the idea. Tim convened a meeting of interested folks on a Sunday afternoon at the baseball diamond in the park just south of the 91 freeway in Anaheim.

At the meeting it became evident that Tim had not bought into my idea, but rather had taken my idea for the paper and expanded it into a much more involved plan to produce a major campus paper. Since I had realized that no one was going to get behind my idea, but that they would actually print Tim's paper, I went along.

The first, (and only), issue consisted of an article I wrote about school prayer being banned on college campuses, along with my tract "None Like Him". I think Rand Bates did the art and layout work. It turned out to be about what I had hoped for, with one exception. The exception was that no one wanted to do the hard work of writing for and producing the paper. In addition, I couldn't even get a commitment that the printing ministry would do the printing.  The one issue was handed out on a number of campuses, though.

This is not the "first and only" edition of the Daystar. It is actually the second printing. The first edition was in newspaper format. It had the same logo at the top. It contained my tract "None Like Him" and an article I wrote in response to California Attorney General's comments on school prayer, that saying grace over meals on school premises was unconstitutional. I had forgotten all about this edition. It was an adaptation aimed at a more local audience.

Comments from Readers

September 5, 2007, Dave Sable: "It's a curious reflection of the technology of the time and the forthrightness of the Jesus Movement that allowed a publication like this to be received: typewriter-like type, King James English, black-and-white testimony (good to hear from Mark W). In some ways, it was so refreshing because it was a child-like "Jesus is true, you need to believe in Him".

Editor: "I think it is so significant because it was thought up and produced by the ordinary folks of the Assembly, and shows where they were coming from, in contrast to the T & T, which was GG's project. It's evident from Tom' Maddux's story that GG didn't support it. People who left in 2003 have heard so much criticism of what GG and the leaders promoted, they really need to be reminded of the value that was supported underneath by the everyday saints. Thanks for your comment, Dave."

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