Letter To Beth A.

(This is a large pdf file in GG's own handwriting.)

This personal letter from George to his former secretary Beth. A. was written from Kenya in 1983. Five years earlier Gay and Betty had become worried about George's romantic infatuation with Beth and arranged for her to move out of his home to bring an end to it. (See Beth's comments on Kristin's story.) George's salutation in this letter, "My beloved, dear friend," and his description of a "precious letter" he received from her that "refreshed his heart with tears of joy" may be echoes of the previous relationship. (It would be interesting to hear if others received letters from him in this vein.) But in the main, the letter sounds ultra spiritual. George's narcissism, cloaked in spiritual language, is all over it, though, climaxing in the phrase, "I sense my transition from dust and ashes 'til it is no longer I but Christ!" (underlining his).

Readers' Comments....

July 11, 2007, Tom Maddux: "Over the years I received several letters from GG while he was on his journeys. They never said anything of substance at all. Just an opening like, "Dearly beloved brother and co-laborer in the Lord's fields, Tom"...followed by blah blah blah "wonderful blessings" blah blah blah "much fruit" blah blah blah "mighty things" blah blah blah "remain faithful" blah blah blah "hope to hear of God's wonderful working among the flock upon my return" blah blah blah Brother George, followed by a half-dozen or so verse references. I think I might still have a few of these somewhere."

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