My Pilgrimage from Atheist to Theist

Transcript of Gary Habermas interview with philosopher Anthony Flew in 2004.

There Is No God As stated in the introduction to the interview, Dr. Anthony Flew is a legendary British philosopher and atheist, who has been an icon and champion for unbelievers for decades. He was a regular attendant at C. S. Lewis's Socratic Club at Oxford when it was chaired by Lewis himself. Dr. Flew's change of mind from atheist to theist was significant news in 2004, not only about his personal journey, but also about the persuasive power of the arguments modern theists have been using to challenge atheistic naturalism. He was interviewed by Gary Habermas, who has become a friend of Flew, having debated him several times. Where some Christians would be inclined to "preach the Gospel" and walk away if there were not immediate acceptance, Habermas has consistently engaged Flew in dialogue over a period of almost 20 years and corresponded with him regularly. Flew has acknowledges that these discussions and debates influenced his move in the direction of theism.

Christianity Today also has an article on Anthony Flew, Thinking Straighter: Why the World's Most Famous Atheist Now Believes in God.

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