Letter from Indonesia, January, 2003

This letter from Hendra in Indonesia was posted on the Assemblyboard on January 25, 2003. Hendra at the time was the Worker responsible for the Work there.

"I hid Me and was wroth, and he went on forwardly in the way of his heart. I have seen his ways and will heal him. I will lead him also and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners" Isa 57:17-18

" He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day" II Tim 1:12

Dear praying saints and little flocks of God everywhere in USA,

Although with very much regrets and sorrow from what has been happening, I am still convinced that the work of God must still go on in BI. Unfortunately this has happened just before our brother George was supposed to come and visit us and also to marry my fiancee and myself on February 22nd. The saints here were crying and praying so much for our brother George on our last prayer meeting and on our all evening of prayer. We were all very sorrowful when we heard the news of excommunication.

Nevertheless all that we have heard and learned all these years from our brother regarding the vision of the cross, the house of God and the Kingdom which we know it's from the Lord written clearly in His word, we keep laying hold of it and very much thankful for the vision. Already the Lord has opened our eyes that NO one in His house should be untouchable of being entreated to repent and EVERYONE must be accountable to each other. A ministry or God's house would not run when one person is dominating everything for every person in the house because there are no lords in His house but servants and only One lord, that is our Lord JC.

This event have personally made me to really cry to Him for mercy and His keeping power that I should not fall under the same sin while in charge of the work here. It has been a very searching time of the heart and brokenness before Him who tests the heart of man. This I think is a great warning for those desiring to be God's true servants. One must not misuse the trust and great responsibility that God and His dear people have given.

This coming Sunday afternoon after lunch we will have a special brothers meeting to discuss the sorrowful event that we just had and how that could happen and how to prevent it from happening here in the work of God especially when the work here is growing bigger. Please do pray for us for that special time. Also that God would still meet the needs of the saints here for growth and perfection in Christ although for awhile there might not be any visitation from the brethren abroad nor worker seminar.

Do also pray for last details for my wedding day that is coming fast (Feb 22, 2003) and most importance that we would find a person that would be fitting to marry us during the ceremony and brought glory to Him. Lastly, we are sharing in your sorrow and still hoping and praying much for the turning of our brother George to repentance and the healing of many that might have been hurt or confused and stumbled through this shocking event. We pray also that in the future God willing that missionaries would be raised to visit His people far and near from this ministry. Amen.

May the Lord comforts your hearts and directs your hearts into the love of God. Thank you for your constant support for the work here in BI. We would also remember the work of God and little flocks in other places that need our support in prayers.

Under His keeping power,
Your brother in Christ,

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