Principles to Employ when Dealing with Geftakys' Servants

At present, those of George's servants that are still attempting to "lead," what is left of his groups, are in damage control mode. Please note, this article does not target those groups where the leadership has stepped down, and especially the groups that have sought outside help from local Christian leaders. This article focuses only on the groups where the leadership, put in place by George Geftakys, is still carrying on the charade.

These men, among whom are ____ ____, I removed names because it bothered someone. I have decided not to tell you who I am talking about anymore.____ ________, ____ ________, and others, need to be handled in several specific ways. Keep in mind, that in dealing with these men, you are dealing with a brood of vipers.

When you want to handle a snake, in order to put it in a sack and dispose of it, you must always keep in mind that snakes bite, and their bite can be venomous. If you treat a snake as if it has goodwill, it will still bite. If you project, "The Love of Christ," to a snake, it will still bite you, just the same. If you listen to the snake, as it tells you it is really a puppy dog, it will bite you. Never forget that these men are thoroughly disqualified liars.

If a Geftakys servant wants to come to you and repent, expect that the motivation is damage control. They didn't want to repent last week, but now that their name is on the web, and their behavior is starting to be exposed, "The Lord spoke to me, and I want to ask you to forgive me, dear brother." Nonsense! They are doing what they know best, manipulating and deceiving!

There is always a possibility, however, that their repentance could be real, and in order to facilitate this possibility, the following principles should be observed.

If they really want to repent, they will have no problem with the above. If they are engaging in Geftakys style repentance, they will have no part of public apologies, unless they are quite vague and non-specific. Beware the man who cries large tears, but speaks vague words, this is a viper.

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