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Brad Mathias
Brad Mathias grew up in the Tuscola, Illinois, Assembly. He has made some comments on his Tuscola experiences, but here he tells where his life has taken him since then.

As far as my little piece of the story continues...I was a chiropractor...still am in fact...but sold my practice in 2000 after seven years in Tuscola. I took a position as senior VP of development with a Christian Entertainment Group - EBI Video and Film in Davenport IA, a small company I had invested heavily with in 1994-97. From there I was hired by Paw Island Entertainment, a small children's animation company in Lake Geneva, WI, to run their company from startup to mid-cap operations. In 2002 I journeyed to Nashville, TN and took a position with The Butterfly Group as a managing partner - Chief Operating Officer sort of guy. Butterfly is the fourth largest Christian music and media group in the world. So, I have been rather busy... married for thirteen years, three children and a Yorkshire terrier make us a very happy family.

I have now moved on a bit. I continue to be involved heavily in CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) as a director of Operations for CENTRAL SOUTH Distribution and its subsidiary, INFINITY Music. But I am working only for the next three years as an executive due to the fact that I am enrolled part time in Life School of Ministry seminary here in Nashville. God has called me to move forward into full time ministry and specifically to work with the wounded flock. 

On the side, I am helping to launch a small indy label called "WHIPLASH" records (a insiders joke to my previous profession) that is a small part of a larger ministry we call HR 3 MEDIA - ( Healing, Restoration, Renewal and Revival). We have been working to make this a 501C3 non-profit organization, but it's taking some time legally. My partner is the son of a pentecostal evangelist pastor, who has recovered from his own horror stories of spiritual abuse, dogmatic manipulation etc... just from a slightly different perspective than our own. Same wounds, same pain... just a little different faces and names, etc... It's become the norm, not the exception in Christian society.

I am still actively involved in all Butterfly Group affairs and have access to product etc.. if needed. Our distribution group (INFINITY) actually bought out the Butterfly Group earlier this year.

I am very grateful for the work on the GA.com website, the obvious use of it by God to uncover the lies, the legalistic burden of works and the manipulated lives of some very sincere Christians. I would encourage highlighting the positives now (I'm sure you are, but just sharing my own 5 cents), to promote the power of God to spectacularly change lives for the better despite the bumps and betrayals along the way. His Grace has the power to revolutionize our minds, our souls and eventually win even the most remote of hearts back into his presence. I am truly an example of just that! No one could have been scarred more and wandered further than I after knowing nothing but the Assembly for my entire life...(except maybe Scott McCumber and some  other "Assembly kids"), but God won. His Destiny for my life was not to be thwarted, and I am the better for it. No one champions Grace more than I, except maybe Chuck Swindoll... No one will ever again snare me or those I know with the bands of spiritual obligation, guilt or man-pleasing motivations. At the very least we can go out in truth and practical speech to address the masses of scarred and hurting Christians who have been half-eaten by their "loving" peers.

A fantastic current move of God is happening across the youth culture of America... It's being called the "Josiah" Generation and it's well represented by a new small paperback book call the "The Vision and The Vow"... very accurate and very powerful stuff. A great resource for the curious... ( I get nothing from that...it's unrelated to anything I am involved with).

Peace and blessings, 

July, 2005

(Brad is available for contact through the Assembly bulletin board.)

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