David Edward Geftakys

April, 2008 update:  David Geftakys was attending the meetings in George's home in 2007. Someone who helped him with his laptop has said David was paranoid that someone had given him a virus and can now see just what he was doing. This person thought this was strange and delusional, and told him that after checking and wiping it clean everyday, it was not possible. Apparently David did not seem to believe him.

David Geftakys attempted to make a new life for himself as a cadet at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA. However, apparently he dropped out. He relocated to the Philippines sometime in late 2007-early 2008 and bought a house there. In his meetings George solicits support for David's "ministry" in the Philippines.

Apparently he had a fiancee there. The following was posted on an online Filipina dating service. David later deleted this post.

Name: David Edward Geftakys
Subject: Just wanted to thank u for ur site.
Date: Monday, July 04, 2005
Time: 09:39:18 AM


"I was looking for a good way to send support to my fiance in Bohol in the Philippines. we have known each other for nearly 1 yr now and I took a semester out of school to go visit and get to know her. Her name is Edna. We will not b married till I graduate in 2 1/2 years. I am a cadet officer candidate at the California Maritime Academy. It seems like forever! I was brought to tears as I looked at ur pics, read and listened. How familiar it all is.

Thanks so much. I would love to hear from u and am sure u have many emails such as mine to respond to. Thanks again."

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