Finishing College

My name is Kathy. I'm one of the ex-Assembly sisters from its beginnings in Fullerton in 1970. I left the assembly around 1984-1986--it's been so long I've forgotten. I just wanted to say "Hi" and share a little of what has been going on in my life. [Ed. note: When Kathy was involved in the Assembly, there were Answerable Sisters apartments.]

My Assembly Story

I remember mentioning to a sister how I thought things in the assembly reminded me of a Nazi camp. She replied, 'This is serious'. After that, I just wasn't invited to very many outings, such as sisters retreats in the mountains, etc. Pity--but, I was getting tired of the whole thing and just didn't care anymore. Then I got sick.

I left the assembly because I honestly thought and felt the Lord was calling me home to be with Him due to a severe illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Natural supplements and time eventually stabilized me.

But I still suffered from a broken heart from those I felt were my friends in the Assembly for fifteen years. No-one wanted to visit me after I moved out on my own after becoming ill. They were just concerned about their own reputation. (Of course they were brainwashed like I was). At the time, I believed that I was the only one being treated in a mean way.

After the Assembly

I had a hard time acting 'normal' in the real world. In 1994 I went to a Christian psychologist for about a year to sort things out and to get to the root of my low self-esteem problem.

I soon became quite social in Christian circles. In 2001, I returned to school to finish what was impossible to accomplish while in the assembly: Next summer '06, I will receive my B.S. in psychology , and receive my AA in Fashion Journalism. (I used to enjoy sewing when I was younger and, to my surprise, writing!)

I just want to say that I believe most ex-assembly brethren should involve themselves in professional help with the same fervor they put forth in the assembly. Being well-balanced will allow a person the true freedom to serve the way God intended.

And you will never want to enjoy being kept in dysfunctional, communist-type environments ever again. When people treat you poorly, you will instantly recognize 'the red flags' and run, or be able to do or say something constructive in a God-glorifying way

About eleven years ago, I visited with ex-Assembly brethren at a reunion picnic. I was surprised to encounter many who exhibited a sort of post-traumatic stress behavior with the same ol' meanness and rudeness. I don't blame them, but this is what I mean when I say that professional help is really needed.

I speak from the experience of being involved in toxic relationships, also. The good news is that I didn't marry any of them (or anyone else for that matter). I needed to work on making myself healthy.

Well, I hope this little message encourages someone from the past life of being enslaved in the Assembly at Fullerton, or anywhere else. Learn about true freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord, through the essays and references on this website. They were my stepping stones that led me to where I'm at today.

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