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Dr. Sunday Ochenjele

Sunday Ochenjele is the younger brother of Samuel Ochenjele in Otukpo, Nigeria. He received his medical training in Russia on a government scholarship, and returned to Otukpo in 1990. The couple fellowshipped briefly with the Assembly. Dr. Ochenjele is Chief Medical Director at the General Hospital Otukpo and has been involved with the CitiHope program to provide medication to AIDS patients in Nigeria. He is registered with the Christian Medical and Dental Association and hopes to attend their conference in Kenya in August, 2007.

He has also built a private clinic, Mount Zion Gate Hospital, to reach out unconditionally to the needy. The clinic hosted 10 days of free medical service to the community in 2001 in cooperation with a medical team from America brought by G. Geftakys. Dr. Tom Hines and Dr. Gordon Kim were part of the time, along with Wayne Mathews, P.A. and Jerry Starr, R.N. Unsolicited by Dr. Ochenjele, members of the team were also able to arrange for donations of medical equipment to the clinic. He says, "I have a lot of respect for Wayne and the medical team, and treasure and appreciate the few moments we were ''allowed'' to relate with each other."

Dr. Ochenjele says further, "We stopped attending the Assembly because we would not and could not put up with their unbiblical stand on issues. We are not ready to bury our talents in the sands of any man-made ministry such as the Assembly. It was a grave mistake to be associated with the Assembly in the first place and we have asked God to forgive us. We now enjoy fellowship with other Christians in different denominations without being controlled by any human being. We only try to do the Holy Spiritís bidding".

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