Note from Brinda M.

December 6, 2010

Only a brief message today, and a sad one. Stephen passed away today about 3:45 in Tampa General Hospital. He just could not take the stress of all that was going on in his body. He developed respiratory and swallowing problems. He went into a deep sleep and was not in pain when he went to be with the Lord. He did, however, suffer greatly these past several days. It was more than he could handle. He had already begun to have breathing and swallowing problems along with a new brain tumor and everything else, before his surgery. We had some very precious talks and he was ready to go be with the Lord and his grandma and grandpa Ruby, Aunt Barbie and others who had gone before him. He told me again this weekend that he was saved when he went to Camp Palowopec in Indiana when he went with Brad Mathias and Mike Middleton.

We cannot thank each of you enough for sharing your lives with us and with Stephen. Your prayers kept us going when we were holding up Moses's arms to win the battle. Stephen is COMPLETELY healed and now free from the body that kept him so limited. He will be able to think clearly, run, dance, play the piano and do so many things he could not do while on this earth. He was such a joy to us and a gift from God. We had him 35 years longer than we every thought we would. We are rejoicing for him and yet feel such loss and sorrow in our own lives. We are trusting the Lord to fill that void as nothing else can. Leaving him there in that hospital room was so difficult, but as Scott who was there with us said, "You're not really leaving him here...he goes with you!" So no one can take away the memories and the lives we shared together. He will be greatly missed.

We will probably have him cremated and his ashes eventually buried in the Tuscola Cemetery. Love your children...time goes so fast! Please share this with those I have possibly missed or who do not have email.

Our blessing to you,

Brinda and Jim

Read about Stephen's childhood struggle with a brain tumor here.

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