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Third Anniversary Updates

Taken from the Assembly bulletin board on the Post Assembly Life thread, posted December 14, 2005, and January 22, 2006.

Jerry Starr, formerly from the St. Louis Assembly, wrote about his family: "Jerry, Linda and Jonathan Starr live near Litchfield, Illinois on Hickory Ridge Farm. We had a new arrival 2 weeks ago named Adam (see pic). Jessica and Kayla Starr are living in Litchfield, Illinois and doing well. April (Starr) Babor is living in Chesterfield, MO, with her husband Joe, and children Andrew and Abigail. Lisa (Starr) Funderburg is living with her husband Jason in Ferguson, MO. We love visitors and hearing from the saints. We are attending Pleasant Hill Christian Church but we are wanting more. We miss what we enjoyed for 20 years with the saints in St. Louis."

"Nowyn", Rudy Dodrico's niece, wrote: "Rudy Dodorico is still in St. Louis and currently go to a Baptist church, if I remember correctly (I don't pay too close attention to my uncle). Jennifer Dodorico is married to Daniel Grant and living in Chicago. Hannah, Becca and Liz still live in St. Louis. Their three boys, Isaac, Caleb and Jesse still live at home.

"Gus Dodorico lives near Rudy in St. Louis. My cousins come over all the time. Josh Dodorico lives in Florida with his wife and new daughter.

"Paul and Debby Martin are going to a Baptist church near their house.

"I haven't heard from Bruce, Jerry R., Ken T. so I don't know what they are doing now even though I know they are in and around St. Louis still.

"Dick and Debby Starr live in St. Louis, their daughter Danielle is married and still in St. Louis. Dina is married and living in Ottawa. Dara and David are both still in St. Louis and unmarried by all last counts.

"Dan Sjogren lives in my basement and hogs my bandwith.

"Luke Martin is married and living with his wife in St. Louis. Abby Martin is also married, no idea where she is."

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