Dan N.'s Story

Dan N. (not the Fullerton Leading Brother)

Leaders involved in this account: Tim Geftakys, Jim Hayman, John Hinman, Danny Edwards

I came across your website the other day and I must say that I am in shock. I am grieved and disappointed by what I have been reading. I have read through most but not all of the links within the site. It was tough. I had to stop at times.

A little history..

1981 - Fresh out of high school and a baby Christian, my brother and I were searching for a Bible study we could join while attending Orange Coast College. We found one. It was being led my a man named Tim Geftakys. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching. I really felt like I was growing.

Tim led my brother and I through the Four Anchors. My brother, who was older, moved on to a 4 year college. I stayed at OCC another year and continued to attend. Tim did not always lead the study. Jim Hayman and John Hinman would lead also.

Danny Edwards, Roger, Janine D. and I were regulars at the table inviting people to the study. I enjoyed serving the Lord and witnessing to my fellow students on campus. Danny invited me to a seminar being held in Fullerton. Wow! Such zeal, such unity, such simplicity, and such depth in teaching. I want to be part of this. I want to serve the Lord like these people.

I started to attend a few bible studies and prayer meetings that were being held on Main Street in Huntington Beach. I attended a couple of Sunday worship services also. I attended a few more seminars. I remember John and Jim encouraging me to become a regular attendee.  Jim shared a verse with me. Hebrews 10:32. John invited me over for dinner at his house. As I recall, he was in charge of a sister's house.

In 1983 I attended UCI with Roger and Janine. John led the Bible Studies there. I struggled. I wanted to attend the "Assembly". The problem: I was a regular attendee at a mainline church in Costa Mesa (not Calvary Chapel). The other problem: I just didn't agree with everything I saw. It appeared a bit stringent, legalistic to me.

After graduation in 1986 I lost contact with the assembly and the friends I made.

What I remember from the Assembly is a body of people who loved the Lord and wanted to serve him with all their heart. The teachings from your ministry made a profound impact on my walk. I am just saddened to read about its demise. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had decided to leave the church I was with and fellowship with the saints at the assembly...

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