K. Gordon Neufeld on Recovery

Picture of book coverK. Gordon Neufeld spent ten years in the Unification Church. After leaving he wrote several articles about his cult experience, including Moon Madness Remembered and It's Not Easy Escaping Moon's Gravity. After leaving, he completed an M. A. in creative writing. He details the benefits in " Writing Down the Pain: A Case Study of the Benefits of Writing for Cult Survivors", (a paid article in the ICSA library). Eventually he wrote a book putting it all together, book, Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years under Sun Myung Moon, a Cult Survivor's Memoir. The introduction to the book has an excellent explanation of mind control that discards the image of "mindless robots" and incorporates instead the very helpful concept of "mental roadblocks". Dave Sable describes one aspect of residual Assembly mental roadblocks in his article, A Healthy Assembly Afterlife.

Book cover Neufeld also wrote an article about totalism in modern fiction in which he compares the varieties of totalitarianism in the following books: Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell), Darkness at Noon (Koestler), One Man's Bible (Xinjiang), Three Continents (Jhabvala), Oyster (Hospital), Heavenly Deception (Brooks), and Heart of Darkness (Conrad). He also mentions Cat's Eyes and The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood), Invisible Man (Ellison), Imaginary Friends (Lurie), A Darker Place (Laurie King), Animal Farm (Orwell), Foreigner (Rachlin), and Mind Games (Spinrad). So there's a nice depressing reading list for you. Our daughter recommended The Handmaid's Tale to me soon after we left the Assembly. I hated it, at the time, but she got it, and she was still a teen! I've also read A Darker Place. Books like this shed light on what was wrong with the Assembly system itself, as distinct from what was wrong with G & B.

Note from Mr. Neufeld: "Dear Ms. Irons, Thanks for doing this.  Your website looks very professional and I am happy to have these pages available for public viewing."

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