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*Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees Brent T The Pharisaical spirit--beautiful without, but filthy within
*Categories of Sects M Irons The Assembly falls under the T. A. C. O. category
*Chronic Stress Is a Killer Dr. D S Khalsa An excerpt from the book Brain Longevity shows the destructive effects of chronic stress on the brain and the body.
*Clergy Sexual Abuse M Irons Main points drawn from several sources
*Cognitive Impairment in Thought Reform Environments Ron Burks "This work...[is] dedicated to those to whom the words of a pastor, guru, mentor or spiritual master have become wounds to the soul." Ron and Paul Martin were both long term members of the Discipleship Movement. Ron was on staff at Wellspring for several years.
*Complicated Grief Reuters When grief becomes chronic after a major loss
*Coping after a Sudden, Violent Life-Trauma Tre-angeli What to expect and how to get through grief
*Coping With Triggers C Giambolvo Key - How to cope with emotional triggers after a cult experience
*Conditions for Mind Control Dr M Singer A one-page summary on how mind control takes place
*Cult Proofing Your Kids, Chapter One Dr P Martin This chapter includes information we previously posted as "Categories of Cults and Sects." The Assembly would fall under the T. A. C. O. category (read the chapter to find out what that is!). There is also a "cult susceptibility" questionnaire.
*Definition of a Cult J Lalich One-page adaptation from "Repairing the Soul After a Cult Experience."
*Dispelling the Myths:... Dr P Martin Sub-title: The Psychological Consequences of Cultic Involvement
*Domestic Violence D B Berry, J.D. Excerpts from The Domestic Violence Sourcebook by Dawn Bradley Berry, J.D., will help explain why a victim of domestic violence does not speak up
*Elements of Recovery Dr P Martin Key quotations from "Dispelling the Myths" by Dr. Paul Martin of Wellspring Retreat
*Emotional Deprivation Disorder Dr A Terruwe A result of a lack of unconditional love, authentic affirmation and emotional strengthening in early life. The child was criticized, ignored, neglected, abused, or emotionally rejected by primary caregivers, which resulted in stunted emotional growth. A key article for all Assembly parents.
*The Five Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Church M Fehlauer Key  - Power, secrecy, elitism, performance emphasis, fear
*Grief, Loss and the Former Cult Member P Goski, RN Results of surveys of former cult members, identifying the major issues of loss and grief
*A Healthy Church M Fehlauer Encourages survivors to risk being part of a healthy church
*Honoring the Truth-Teller Dr R Sapp About the roles of loyalty and truth-telling in organizations, especially the church. Applicable not only during the Assembly collapse in 2002-2003, but also now in regard to existing Assemblies & this website.
*How Religious Parents Royally Screw Up Their Children M Spencer A Biblical and yet un-legalistic approach that details several Assembly-style mistakes--excellent.
*Identifying a Cult J Groenveld Includes sections on how cults work, cult abuses of rights and freedoms, and results of the cult experience.
*If Your God Is Not God, Fire Him D Ryan Spiritually abusive groups promote a false image of God--get rid of him, and discover the goodness of the true God.
*Influence C Giambolvo Key  - Summary of Dr. R Caldini's work on the six social and psychological principles of influence used in the unethical persuasion of cults & marketers. Wellspring emphasizes this.
*Introduction to Heartbreak and Rage" K G Neufeld Key  - Introduction to Neufeld's book about his 10 years in the Moonies. He introduces a great definition of mind control: mental roadblocks.
*Liars Brains Wired Differently Comments Readers comment on USC report about differences in the brains of liars
*The Lucifer Effect T Maddux Tom shows how Phillip Zimbardo's latest book, The Lucifer Effect, sheds light on Assembly leadership. Very interesting and insightful.
*Malignant Narcissism Dr S Peck Quotations from People of the Lie:The Hope for Healing Human Evil
*Malignant Narcissism: A Stage Production M Irons A way to look at the Assembly as a whole from the standpoint of malignant narcissism
*Mature Men M Bryan / M Irons Excerpted from The Prodigal Father: Reuniting Fathers and Their Children
*A Myth Dr P Martin Key excerpts from the article, "Dispelling the Myths" by Dr. Paul Martin of Wellspring Retreat
*Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) M Irons The charactistics of narcissism among us and some implications
*Other Side of the Garden - review Amazon Recounts disastrous results from trying to follow the precepts of the book
*Overcoming the Bondage of Revictimization Dr P Martin et al Rebuttal of Passantino dismissal of mind-control model
*A Pastor's Authority Ray Stedman "...leaders are persuaders whose ability to persuade arises...from a personal walk which evokes respect."
Profile of a Sociopath Exit & Support Network Comprehensive list of the behavioral characteristics of sociopaths
Questions About Cults Dr K Rhoades Website is dedicated to the scientific investigation of persuasion and influence
A Real Marriage J Vanvonderen Key Ephesians teaching on marriage is about reversing and escaping the curse
The Recovering Pharisee J Fisher Tongue-in-cheek 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me): Finding Grace to Live Unmasked
Recovery Issues ReGAIN Good list of recovery issues, very applicable to those who have left the Assembly
Relationship Checklist Dr K Magid / M Irons Table of safe and unsafe characteristics, adapted from Dr. Ken Magid
Repairing the Soul After a Cult Experience Dr J Lalich Using her own cult experience, Dr. Lalich describes the damages of a cult experience and the necessity of finding one's true self afterward
On Running Wounded: A Few Thoughts on Marriage M Spencer Written " hold out hope to those readers who may have given up on their own marriages."
Seeing God in New Ways: Recovery from Distorted Images of God J Ryan Key  - Describes how both parents and churches can contribute to twisted views of God, and outlines some ways to recover.
The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult M Rothbard Fascinating description of the cult characteristics of  the Ayn Rand movement of the 1960's.
Spiritual Abuse J Vanvonderen Interview with Jeff Vanvonderen by STEPS magazine on the topic of spiritual abuse.
Spiritual Brokenness in Recovery D Ryan Your image of God may be distorted. Discover that the true God is very different.
Thought Reform Exists Dr M Singer Published in 1994 in response to cult apologists' denials
Watchman Nee M Irons Watchman Nee researcher reports Nee alleged clergy sexual abuse.
When to Leave C Swindoll Identifies warning signs of a blind leader leading the blind. Written while he was pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton.
When Religion Goes Bad--Part I, Part II, Part III D Ryan & J Vanvonderen Spiritual abuse produces false images of God.
When You Are Ready To Try Again: Going Back To Church J Vanvonderen Characteristics of hurtful churches and "grace-full churches," and a section on learning to trust again
Why Strict Churches Are Strong Slate Magazine Suggests the intriguing idea that members are willing to pay the price because the religious product is superior
Wretched Urgency II: My Not-So-Guilty Pleasures. M Spencer A bulls-eye shot at an Assembly-style favorite--seriousness and commitment, at the expense of enjoying the simple pleasures of life

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