Honoring the Truth-Teller

Brent T. sent an excerpt and a link to a three-part article by Dr. Roger W. Sapp, called Honoring the Truth-Teller, about the roles of loyalty and truth-telling in organizations, especially the church. Not surprisingly, loyalty is listed as the number one essential characteristic required of a worker in George Geftakys' ministry. Brent says, "Especially those who are currently in an Assembly, or sympathetic to the Assembly:  Please read this, it is excellent, edifying, and short!"

Not Valuing Truth Results in Blindness

"Blindness is characteristic of organizations and leaders that do not value truthfulness in their relationships.  This is because truth telling has been stifled in a loyalty-based organizations or individuals.  Because there is no honest feedback, they will often be blind to their abusive behavior and honestly wonder why others are reacting.  There will be no one to tell them that it is wrong to shift the blame for difficulties in the relationships to the victims of their abusive behavior. The value of truth is what keeps a local church or any organization from becoming like a cult. Honoring the truth-teller is a characteristic of godly relationships. Dishonoring the truth-teller is a characteristic of cults. Cultic behavior, which always includes blindness, will result from an overemphasis of loyalty above the truth. Leaders must understand that their own desire for loyalty may overcome truthfulness in their subordinates. They must actively cultivate truthfulness along with loyalty in their subordinates." Read more...

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