Having "Morning Times"--??

The very term "morning time" sends a shudder down the spine of the average former Assembly member. Actually trying to have a "morning time" may be such a disaster that the effort has been abandoned, and replaced with....nothing.

For those reading this who aren't familiar with the Assembly concept of "morning times", it was the Assembly equivalent of the evangelical idea of daily devotions. It included going through the Cycle of Devotion and reading a passage of scripture (other than the passage to be studied for the weekly Chapter Summary).

The use of helps such as devotional books was not encouraged. The "word for the day" was to come straight from the pages of scripture as a mystical talisman that would prove to have specific application to the events of the day. People were encouraged to not get up from their knees until they had gotten "the joy of the Lord."

This is a mistaken approach to having a relationship with God. Bill Goode has written an article entitled, No Wonder Your "Devotions" Aren't Working, that is a refreshing healthful antidote for Assembly "morning times."

Bill refers in the article to Keswick spirituality, which was a strong element in the Assembly. Lee I. says, in a blog post on Keswick Burnout, "...the challenge of my spiritual life for the last 19 years (I left The Assembly in 1989) has been how to recover a genuine spirituality in which one can enjoy communion with God and grow in sanctification by grace rather than by legalism."

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