Other good stuff not directly related to spiritual abuse

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals - Many excellent articles on theology and issues in the church, (includes articles from Modern Reformation magazine). Take a look at their new online magazine, Reformation21.

The Brothers K -  Here's a book that doesn't fit the categories, by David James Duncan, 1992, fiction. 645 pages--very long--and yet this story of a large family in the '60s holds you in it's grip until the last page. The mother's fanatical Seventh Day Adventism is played off against the father's intense devotion to baseball. It's oddly illuminating to an ex-Assemblyite to realize that this kind of weirdness exists in the world quite apart from the Assembly. The best thing about the book is the grace that comes from neither of the "religions" but from the family relationships that refuse to be smothered by the dogmas.

Christ Reformed Church website - Website of Steve and Margaret Irons' Reformed church in Anaheim, CA. Listen to Sunday sermons online via streaming audio and download lectures from the Friday night Academy in MP3.

Francis Schaeffer: the Later Years -  25 lectures by Jerram Barrs. Free MP3s, PDF transcripts and PDF study guides from Covenant Theological Seminary, which also offers many other free courses.

Grace Gems! -  "Grace Quotes", "Grace Sermons", "Grace Books", "Grace Audio" and more....

Jerry Bridges, Navigator staff and author of the great article Gospel-Driven Sanctification, has several great sermon series on the Reforming My Mind blog, such as "Living by Faith in the Righteousness of Christ" and "Trusting God - Even When Life Hurts, Parts 3, 4 & 5".

The Jesus Movement -  "A pictorial history and a place where you will be able to find information on what many regard as one of the most intriguing facets of contemporary church history."

Melting Earth sync video of Chris Tomlin's version of "Indescribable" -  The producer says, "Much of my inspiration is from Brian Green's book, The Elegant Universe (...if you can think of a more God-glorifying name for a book than that, let me know!!)..."

Michael Horton - Sin and Grace in the Christian Life (MP3)

Monergism -  A huge site - Spurgeon, John Owen, John Piper, etc. "Classic articles and resources of the historic Christian faith."  A former Assembly member says, "Monergism is a great Reformed website that has tons of articles and MP3 sermons of people who have taught on the cross from a Reformed viewpoint." Apostate Arminian is another big site with lots of articles.

Old Fashioned Christian Radio -  Highly recommended by Bob Anderson, former Assembly Worker on the east coast: "It is 100% music that is 90% old hymns ranging from solos to large choirs. Just thought I'd mention this to you, as it's become a daily staple of encouragement to me."

The Upper Register MP3's - Sermons and adult classes given by Lee Irons.

White Horse Inn -  Lively radio talk show on Reformed theology and the contemporary church. Hosts are Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, Rev. Rod Rosenblatt and Rev. Ken Jones.

Journey Towards Creation Journey Towards Creation - DVD. "Explore the astronomical evidence for a universe that is meticulously fine tuned for the benefit of human life. Astronomer Hugh Ross whisks viewers through the solar system, past stars, galaxies and quasars--all the way back to the moment when light first sprang from the darkness." This is awesome.

Privileged Planet The Privileged Planet - DVD. "The more we learn about single-cell creatures (as demonstrated in "Unlocking the Mystery of Life,"), the more obvious it seems that our universe is intentionally designed. The same is true when go into the opposite direction. Though the universe is vast beyond imagination, "The Privileged Planet" argues that the earth in unique indeed. The many conditions necessary for life converge on the earth, something unlikely to occur anywhere else."

Unlocking the Mystery of Life Unlocking the Mystery of Life - DVD. "No one looking at a rotary motor says, 'Wonderful little accident, here.' What if scientists discovered a 'rotary motor' inside a human cell? See some of the surprises that awaited researchers when high-tech instruments gave them a close-up view of the cell's intricate inner workings." This excellently produced account goes well with Dr. Collins' The Language of God.

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