Letters to Wounded Pilgrims

Mark Campbell

Mark wrote a number of very helpful and insightful responses to questions and issues raised by the "wounded pilgrims" of the Assemblies. His purpose in writing is to help wounded pilgrims recover their faith and to go on to healthy and prosperous lives in Christ. He uses the term "wounded pilgrim" to mean that as pilgrims having "sojourned" in the assembly we should learn the valuable lesson that there is a True Friend who will take care of us after having been wounded and left half-dead.

1. On Feelings

•  After all that's happened, is there any encouragement?
•  What's happened to my joy?

2. On Being Human

•  What is the "normal" Christian life? Is it okay to be "human"?

3. On Assembly Teaching

•  I am so confused. I feel like I'm just barely holding on to my faith in Christ.
•  Was the Assembly teaching on the inheritance true?
•  It seems to me that George was "orthodox" in his view of salvation. He does say after all that we are saved by faith, not works.  What's up with that?

4. On Reading the Bible

•  How can I recapture the joy of reading my Bible again?
•  Is it alright to interpret the Bible subjectively?
•  We were always seeking inner purity, preparing our hearts for God to speak to us. Isn't that Eastern mysticism?
     •Is there any one single overriding principle that I can use to understand the Bible?

5. On Prayer

•  What does it mean to have a quiet time (other than the assembly way)?
•  I don't seem to know anything anymore, including my understanding of the Bible and how to pray.

6. On Deception

•  Who is deceived?
•  Isn't it better to have "heart knowledge" rather than "head knowledge"?

7. On Abuse

•  Can you recommend a book that will help me recognize when I'm being abused?
•  "I'm mad as heck, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
•  Can the Assembly be called a "cult"?

8. On Being Honest

•  As I think about my past attitudes and behavior in the Assembly, I can't believe how proud I was.

9. On Grace

•  I am such a weak person. I feel sometimes that I'm beyond God's grace.
•  Can I change my life by availing myself of God's grace?
•  Why do you say that the "Sinner Woman" in the Gospel accounts really understood grace?

10. On Spirituality

•  How does the Holy Spirit lead us?

11. On Staying in the Assembly

•  It's hard for me to give up the Assembly because I've already invested a lot of time and energy there.

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