Prayer List for the All Night of Prayer December, 1989

When Steve Irons was an elder in the Fullerton Geftakys Assembly he prepared a detailed prayer list for himself to lead each All Night of Prayer. The list for the December 1989 ANOP focused on the Assemblies in the US and Canada. It really drills down and shows the scope and extent of the Work and the Assemblies as they existed not long before the Irons left in March, 1990. These prayer lists are still of interest because they identify people and locations where there may still be traces of Geftakys influence.

These are scanned images, so most of the pages are large files. To the best of our knowledge, the names listed in these files are not searchable on the internet:  p. 1 - Overview of topics for 4 ANOP's in 1989-1990;   p. 2;  p. 3 p. 4;  p. 5 p. 6;   p. 7;  p. 8p. 9;  p. 10;  p. 11;   p. 12.