The Annandale Geftakys Assembly Assembly

In 1985 an MTT team was sent to Annandale, Virginia. In 1987 Tim Geftakys gave the first East Coast Conference. In 1995 Randy Spivey was "commended to the Work" in Annandale from the Huntington Beach Assembly. Steve Taylor, Dave Zorn and Randy Spivey were Leading Brothers.

The meetings continue much as in the past, and the group is engaged in "campus work". The members consist primarily of four leading brothers and their families. Steve Taylor and Ray Kruse are the current leaders. They continue to be in touch with Tim and Ginger Geftakys. Tim Geftakys and Jack Hanson were invited to visit and give stated ministry in the spring of 2005, although it was denied that this was officially "itinerant ministry."