The Geftakys Assembly in Champaign IL

The Geftakys outreach began in Champaign, Illinois, in 1973 in the home of Dave and Tonda Perry. Brinda M. gives a full account of the beginning. Kurt and Andra Green were sent from Fullerton as Workers. In 1978 Kurt and Andra were sent to Santa Barbara. In 1985 Paul and Debbie Hohulin were sent to Champaign, then Paul required serious leg surgery and Bill and Kristi Bradbury were sent to assist. When Paul was recovered, he and Debbie went to the Philippines to work with Paul's parents who were missionaries there.

In 1989 Wayne and Pat Mathews were sent to Champaign to replace Bill and Kristi Bradbury, who were sent to West Los Angeles. Later Tom Lesaris and Steve Mbuvi from Kenya became Leading Brothers. Steve Mbuvi has gone to be with the Lord. In 2003 the Champaign Assembly renounced George Geftakys, and Wayne and Pat Mathews left the group. Tom Lesaris continued an Assembly-style meeting in his home.