Dan Notti

Dan Notti visited other churches for years after the break-up of the Assembly in 2003. He told Steve Irons several years ago that he was dissatisfied with all of them, and was looking for a way he could make a unique contribution.

He has been affiliated with "Standing Stone: Shepherding the Shepherds". He contributes to "God's Leader: Loving His Family by Equipping, Discipling, Fathering, Sharing". Note especially Dan's article on "7 Principles of Authentic Community", and the comment section that follows.

Dan collaborated with Keith Giles to produce a series of podcasts, primarily on the topic of house churches. In Podcast #16, "Hard Conversations", Dan demonstrates that his attitude of exhortation has not changed noticeably over the years. Dan blogs at Dan Notti: Teacher, speaker, entrepreneur and follower of Christ; with a passion to be a catalyst for authentic community. He was employed by Sales Fish.

Former Assembly members discussed Dan's post-Assembly career on the FaceBook group, "The Geftakys Assembly", beginning at February 3, 2016.