Letters From Abroad

These letters were published in "The Believers' Prayer Letter". In the minds of Assembly members in the USA, their effect is to validate the Geftakys ministry in spite of trouble on the home front in the years 2000 through 2003. (Full names are not given in locations where there may be persecution.)

July, 2000, Peter K., Kenya: "We are rejoicing in the Lord....[that] He has continued to sustain and uphold us despite the raging of the enemy as we stand for the Lord in these end times. we have seen growth this year both at the Bible Study at____University and in the Assemblies at K____ and N____. Thank you for praying--the Lord has indeed answered your petitions on our behalf. At _____University the chapter summary has continued well with an increased number of students and staff members attending. New students have been coming consistently and contributing effectively to the bible Study. Brother John____has been standing with me in leading that study and has really been a great help. Pray that the lord will open a job opportunity for him in close proximity to the universtiy. The Lord has also continued to favor us in both of the Assemblies in K_____ and N______. We have seen a continuous growth and unity among the saints...."

February, 2001, George Kantartzis, Greek Evangelical Church (Presbyterian), Katerini, Greece: "Warmest greetings to you in the name of our glorious Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. It is a joy and a privilege to communicate with you again in order to express the gratitude and the warm thanks from the elders and believers in the church in Katerini for allowing our beloved brother George Geftakys to come and minister to us once again. Every year he shares with us fresh experiences and messages, which come to us directly from the "Kitchen of Heaven" (according to his favorite expression). The Lord used our brother in a unique way to stir up, encourage and edify the hearts of His people in Katerini. Our people were fed with selected manna that was given with authority. We assure you that the ministry of our beloved brother is a special even in the life of our church.

"Thank you for your prayers and help with publishing brother George's books in the Greek language. His messages in each edition of the Winners newspaper have been a source of many blessings to the Greek people. Just recently we translated and published "The Heavenly Ladder - A Morning Prayer" on one side and "Thoughts on Prayer" by our brother on the other. We printed 1,800 copies, which are now being made available to readers, so our people will know how to pray...."

March, 2002, Bela Dobos, Hungary, to Sandor Frank in regard to meetings G. Geftakys held in November, 2001: "Your visit with brother George had a great impact upon our lives. At first, many brethren came with reservations in their hearts, thinking, 'What can we expect from an American Christian?' Their perception changed. They recognized brother George as a servant of God, and they learned to love him, and his ministry. We are looking forward to another meeting with him and we plan to invite him to come again.

"As I told you before, in the past we have received many slanderous accusations from the official church leadership for the vision and burden we have for the work of the Lord here in Hungary. As he opened the Word, I was very happy to hear the answers from brother George to the questions the brethren brought up. Many were strengthened in their faith, and it became evident that what we are doing here is not extreme, but something the the Lord is doing in every culture and region (even in America). God works in a similar way in those who obey Him."

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