Fullerton Seminars

At first, G. Geftakys gave four annual seminars in Fullerton. Later that was reduced to three, held over the Christmas, Easter and Labor Day weekends, which conveniently served to further alienate members from their extended families. This is an incomplete list of titles.

1970: Easter weekend - First seminar in George Geftakys' home in Fullerton (?)
      Memorial Day weekend - Second seminar in George Geftakys' home (?)
1970 Winter Seminar (Christmas/New Year's weekend) - First seminar at Hillcrest Park, "The Sign Gifts"
1971 "The God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ"
    ? "The Fountain of Life"- I John
1974 Winter Seminar - "Awakening"
    ? "Elijah the Forerunner"
    ? "Mountain of Spices"
    ? "Jesus is the Son of God"
1975 Winter Seminar? - "Jesus Is Lord"
1977 Winter Seminar - "Spiritual Perfection"
      Fall Seminar - "The Holy City, the Heavenly Jerusalem" official seminar photo  »»
1978 Spring Seminar - "The Dispensation of the Spirit"
      Fall Seminar - "The Wars of David"
1979 Winter Seminar - "In the Heavenlies: The Eternal Purpose of God in Christ Jesus"
      Spring Seminar - "Jesus the Son of Man"
1980 Winter Seminar - "The Christian Consciousness" - Philippians
      Fall Seminar - "Christ Our Liberator"
1981 Winter Seminar - "The Kingdom Comes Not With Observation"
      Spring Seminar - "The Upper Room: John 13-17"
  Fall Seminar - "The Upper Room Discourse, Part II: The Father and His Family"
1982 Winter Seminar - "The Fountain of Life" - see comment on the effect of this seminar
1983 Winter Seminar - "Resurrection and Rapture Part III: The Hope"
      Spring Seminar -  "The Great Work"
      Fall Seminar - "The Greatness of the Work, Part II"
1984 Winter Seminar - "The Greatness of the Work, Part III: The Fullness of the Spirit". Brent T. says, "This was my first seminar. It marks my commitment to George's ministry."
      Spring Seminar - "The Greatness of the Work, Part IV: The Fullness of the Spirit"
      Fall Seminar - "Discipleship"
1985 Winter Seminar - The Spiritual Quest"
      Spring Seminar - "Discipleship, Part III: Spiritual Direction"   
      Fall Seminar - "Faith, Fellowship and Polity"
1986 Winter Seminar - "Preach the Word"
      Spring Seminar - "Preach the Word, Part II: The Lively Oracles of God"
      Fall Seminar - "Preach the Word, Part III: Disciples of the Spirit"
1987 Spring Seminar - "Behold the Lamb"
1988 Winter Seminar - "The People of the Testimony"
      Spring Seminar - "Getting Back - Perils - and Onward"
1991 Spring Seminar - "A Call to Reality"
      Fall Seminar - "Spiritual Consciousness"
1992 Winter Seminar - "A More Sure Word of Prophecy"
1993 Winter Seminar - "New Horizons Part 2: Life's Great Questions"
      Spring Seminar - "New Horizons Part 3: Christ Our Rest"
      Fall Seminar - "The Fulfilled Life"
1994 Spring Seminar - "Full Identification"
      Fall Seminar - "A Fidelity in Passage"
1995 Winter Seminar - "A Fidelity in Passage"
      Spring Seminar - "Pattern of the Original"
1996 Winter Seminar - "The Spiritual Man"
      Spring Seminar - "The Faith that Saves"
      Fall Seminar - "School of the Bride Part 1: A Handbook for Remnant Days"
      Winter Seminar - School of the Bride Part 2: Preparation for the Marriage of the Lamb"<br> 1997 Spring Seminar - "The Presence of God"
      Fall Seminar - "Heaven My Hope"
1998 Winter Seminar - "Simplicity
      Spring Seminar - "Time: The Great Opportunity"
      Fall Seminar - "The Pilgrim's Trajectory: Saints of the Most High"
1999 Spring Seminar - "Hebrews Part 1: Entering In"
      Fall Seminar - "Hebrews Part 2: Coming Unto...
      Winter Seminar - "Zion - the City of the Great King"
2000 Winter Seminar - "Hebrews Part 3, A Postscript to Hebrews: Abiding in the Sanctuary"
  Spring Seminar - "Postscript to School of the Bride Part 3: The Lily of the Valley and the Lily of the Flame"
      Fall Seminar - "Eternal Life"
2001 Spring Seminar - "The Dispensation of God Part 2: The Present Sufferings of Christ"
      Fall Seminar - "The Prophetic Lamp Part 1"
      Winter Seminar - "The Prophetic Lamp Part 2: The Prophetic Spirit" (Dec. 28-30)
2002 Spring Seminar - "Fullness of the Spirit"
2003 Winter Seminar - "The Depths of God"

Reader's comment:

Joe Sperling, August 2007:   "Mountains of Spices"was when I really began to wonder about George's teaching, because the whole seminar was very mystical. I remember Chris Small (this is one way to date the Seminar, because Chris Small was still there at that point--if you remember, Chris said, "I did not understand any of that!!" after the last installment was taught by George. I pretended to understand a lot of it and acted very impressed by it at the time. :>)

I also have a very vague memory of going to the tail end of a seminar that was held at a college when I first joined the Assembly in 1974. Perhaps I am thinking it was a seminar when in fact it was something else, but thought I would ask if you or Steve recall there having been a seminar that was held, or partially held, on a college campus in Fullerton? It was during the day on a Saturday I believe. Just curious.

It's amazing how much you can forget, and how time can get completely confused in your mind. I literally have no idea when certain seminars were held, and have forgotten so many of the titles, though I attended quite a few of them!! But I really enjoy looking at the photos and seeing the Assembly History as it has been pieced together so far. Great job!!

Editor: The college campus you remember may have been the former Pacific Christian College, now Hope University, on Nutwood in Fullerton, across the street from CSUF. We had a "Holy Convocation" there with Bakht Singh, probably around 1974.

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