Children Were at Risk in the Cult of a Narcissist

  1. A narcissist uses people. That is their outstanding characteristic.

  2. Child training in the cult of the narcissist was not for the nurture and benefit of the children, although that is how it was framed to the parents, but to serve the interests of George, the narcissist. That meant a) all parents and children had to attend all meetings, to swell the ranks, b) babies and toddlers must not disturb the meetings, c) children, as well as all the adults, must pay rapt attention to George.

  3. How this program was carried out resulted in an adverse environment for children. So adverse, in fact, that it fits in certain respects into the categories of Adverse Childhood Experiences defined by child development profesionals.

  4. To promote George's agenda, it was of utmost importance that babies and children learned to be silent and still during meetings. This is not in the nature of children, whose development depends on interaction and exploration. To be sure that this developmental drive was halted and put on hold during all meetings, children had to have frequent training sessions at home. The effect was that development was restricted during all the hours of training and hours of meetings.

  5. The developmental drive of babies was reframed as an expression of "self will", the sin nature inherent in all children. Spiritualizing the situation was a key to insuring parents' cooperation in the project of subduing their kids. The other key was to identify "mother heart" as self, which was always wrong and had to be extinguished. With this set up in place, children became an urgent problem to parents much of the time, and therefore they learned to see themselves as defective.

  6. Because the issue was so fraught with spiritual significance, it was imperative to ensure "first time obedience" from infants and children by any means necessary. Spanking, pinching, and muffling the crying were employed.

  7. With this Assembly scenario in view, we can look at the ACEs categories and identify where adult Assembly kids might find the origins of some problems in their lives.

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