Assembly Child Training Incidents

An eight-month old was crying with colic. A Worker told her, "Put him in the closet and let him cry." He was left to cry for an hour.

A four-year old was wiggling in his chair in a meeting. The mother picked him up with both arms and slammed him down on the chair three or four times.

A three-year old would not keep his head down on the mat in a Mother's Meeting. He was spanked with a ping pong paddle for an hour in the meeting by a Leading Sister. The next day he was bruised.

A mother in the San Fernando Assembly was gave her child 65 sets of swats in one training session.

A two-year old was observed with bruises on his legs, as well as having a black bottom.

After an evening meeting an eighteen-month old was spanked at home for three hours for not obeying 'come'.

Two-month old baby shut in closet for crying with colic

A nine-month old kept in high chair all day for failure to bow his head to give thanks for breakfast.

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