The Curse

A different take on the curse in Genesis 3:16, "He will rule over you," was posed for discussion on the AssemblyBoard: Of course, to George, that meant free reign, fellows. A man ruling over a woman. I disagree that licence was given here, but rather, a different warning, if a man wants to take it.

Just as the ground was cursed, so too, Adam lost something else in the fall. Onstead of the pure intent to share a parntership, Adam, in his fallen state, had a natural compulsion to rule over woman. I don't think God's encouraging this rule here, I think he's warning that now, Adam's tendancy will not be what it was. Any takers?

Brent answered:

Suzie and I struggled with this a few years back. Being true believers, and committed Geftakysservants, we implemented the Heavenly Vision in our marriage without compromise.

Life sucked...especially for Suzie.

About 5 years ago, my eyes began to open with the help of Tim Geftakys, of all people. It's all in my book, Navigating The Deeper Life.

Anyways, the curse of the garden was to the serpent, the man, the woman, the ground, the plants, and everything else that Adam was supposed to be keeping and tending. The tendency for men to rule over women, and for women to be "weaker" is not a benefit to man, nor a reward for Adam's rebellion, it is his greatest curse.

Men who rule over women and children by force miss out on life's greatest blessings, and the abuse they perpetrate over those dependent on them will not go unnoticed.

Contrarily, those who understand that the curse is a really bad thing, and don't use this verse to justify being a domineering husband, understand that in Christ, the curse has been one sense. Women and men still have physical results of the curse, as does the Earth, etc. However, we no longer have to treat our women like beasts of burden, second class citizens, or "full-service" maids. Leave that to the Muslims.

Suzie is my equal in every respect. I defer to her in many areas, and she to me in others. We both bring a different set of talents and skills to our marriage, and try to make the best use of them. I reject the notion that I should rule over my wife on several grounds, the most important of them that Christ does not "rule" over his church, even though He has all power and authority.

Suzie and I are both part of His church, and are therefore equals, co-heirs, and there is the fact that we love eachother too.

Geftakysism is a bad system for women.

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