"I Will Restore"

Anonymous meditation on God's promise to restore our souls

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want....He restores my soul," Psalm 23:1, 3.

"I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," Jeremiah 30:17.

To restore means to bring something back to its original state, to make the wounded whole and the sick well. God is in the restoring business.

I often tell the women at the prison I visit that the time there is never wasted if it is given to God. I know they feel it is tragically wasted because their children are growing up without them. However, God can make these months or years profitable in many ways, for lessons can be learned in prison which could not be learned so well in other circumstances.

Arlene volunteers with me at the prison. I love to watch her interact with the women. She understands what they are going through, because she spent two years in prison herself. Her life is a beautiful picture of God's restoring love.

No matter how deep the wounds, God is in the healing process in your life. He can restore your lost joy and bring back your peace. Nothing is wasted with God, not even our disappointments and failures. He is the great healer and restorer. Trust Him with your soul's needs, whatever they are. No matter how poor and needy we are, how defeated, or how wounded, God will be the great restorer when we turn to Him.

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