The Desecration of GG

By "Moonflower"
To the tune of "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Moving, moving onward,
Though the saints disdain me,
Though the eye of God above
Can see each thing I do.

Moving, moving onward,
Preaching words to hearers,
My voice is shot, now,
But I love the sound.

Moving, moving forward,
New towns will accept me,
I can give them all the things
Their little hearts desire.

Moving, moving forward,
Nothing can assail me,
I speak in circles,
No one can withstand.

Moving, moving downward,
I could use a foot rub,
I can pay her anything
And find her anywhere.

Moving, moving downward,
Money is my gameplan,
Young ones to find now,
Young ones to betray.

Slipping...sliding....where, now?
I can see no longer,
I think "someone" pushed me down
This lonely hill of mire.

Abram, is that you there?
Why the children gathered
All 'round your table,
Smiling, feasting now?

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