By Kathryn A., former member of the Chicago Assembly
Dedicated to George Geftakys, January 20, 2003

Numbers, you always said, have extreme significance, so
I’m asking you for some:

How many of your disciples were kept awake last night by confused tears
         because they believed
         you were God’s true One?
How many nightmares and daylit moments of dread sweat did you inspire
        by sitting as smug judge;
        terrorizing those who threatened your kingdom
                 that you claimed was God’s alone?
How many reputations did you destroy?
         some with playful darts,
         some with manly daggers;
                 all to save your own, your pearl of greatest price.
A few more numbers signify;
There was One who didn’t sin,
who didn’t smile at yours.
He was crucified for you;
how many times did you crucify Him again?

How many days, years will He allow you to stand, stone stubborn
before you break or are broken?
Or will you, as you always said of others,
be forced to bend on two knees to the King?
He will be looking for you then
as he is now
and eternity has days
without number.

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