The Paths

I started this life as myself alone
Too soon though, I know, I began to roam

Through twists and through turns I spiraled around
Never knowing at what point I might run aground

Not knowing what lay at this long path’s end
I lived as my peers chose and found that I sinned

I followed them then, on their way up this track
Discovered opposing - a path going back

I walked back a ways and then I returned
Not telling a soul of this road that I’d learned

Oft I’d switch ways, becoming a hellion
Joy in the Family, joy in rebellion

‘Ere long, I became confused and thus lost
Which path was the one first I had crossed?

Which path leads the way to the authentic me
And which one to that, someone else wants to see?

I stopped on my trek, to discover my nature
Found neither path was the one I should favor

Uncovered a roadway not seen since the start
Started walking it slowly to know my own heart

I follow one path now, wrong or right I don’t know
But at least I’m on my path, not following the flow

And if I decide that this pathways’ a dupe
I’ll know it was my choice, not that of the Group

Ojaw of Snarl

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