Overcomers All

Don't give up
The best, yet to come
The Lord is faithful
Unlike some

I walked through deaths' valley
In the Assembly hall
Obedient to the work
I answered the call

Revealed amidst the glory
Of a gypsy's self-serving story,
The evil thing standing in the Holy place
It ended in my disgrace
When I tried to tell
Of the hell
I saw

Rebellious sister!
The truth you lack
You who have tasted
And then turned back

That greatest lie of all
Instilled fear, doubt, anxiety
Unfit for God's Love
What remains for me
And for all who dare to disallow,
Beyond the years of lashing squall
Life after death despite it all

Don't give up
Overcomer, for you are
God's own precious
Shining Star


Dedicated to all the saints who believe their own eyes and trust their own feelings, who knew unconditional love was not being expressed. You weren't wrong or rebellious. You were on God's path. He was with you then and will remain, faithfully ours.

Love in Christ,
Judy F.

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