I formed you in the womb, my son.
You are my handiwork. My workmanship,
Born anew, created in Christ to do My work
That I planned beforehand that you should do.
You are a holy brother, partaker of the heavenly calling.
You are one of My living stones.
You have been bought with a price
And now belong to Me.
You have been chosen to die to yourself,
And have been crucified with Christ.
You have been buried, raised and made alive with Christ.
For this I have given you the Spirit of power,
Love and self-discipline -
The respect of being able to come to Me
In boldness, freedom and confidence.
I have established, anointed, and sealed you.
You are victorious, set free, complete, alive, chosen,
The apple of Mine eye.
You have the power, you live in and by the law
Of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.
You walk in Christ Jesus,
You will do greater works.
You posses the Greater One in you.
You can press towards the mark of My high calling.
You are My beloved.
Son, do not despair for I have heard your prayers,
My faith in you has never wavered,
Because I love you.
By My grace you are what you are.

-- Christina K.

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