Bewitched and Deceived, Feb 27, 2003

The people who listen to Timothy Geftakys and his father George are bewitched and deceived.

Timothy Geftakys is preaching again, to "saints."  Many people have concluded that he is merely waiting in the wings until such a time as he can again take back the ministry.  He needs to do this, because it is his career and he needs the money.  He really hasn't worked a real job since college.....

George has been preaching the last few Sundays in Mike Almanzor's home, in Riverside, CA.  Again, in light of everything that has happened, it is absolutely stunning that people can be so bewitched and deceived as to allow him to spin his webs of darkness. 

I want to take you former saints in Southern California to task about this.....How is it that George is able to spin his web of darkness in Riverside?  You people are responsible for this man's living, and his fleecing of the flock, and yet you allow him to do this?  Where is the outrage?  Again, I know that most of the people who love Jesus Christ have left for green pastures, but some of you remain.  Shame on you!  Do any of you feel responsible for all the years you served George and Betty?

If Tim can get ten or twelve people to follow him, and pay ten percent, then he will be able to enjoy his tax-free living as before.  George doesn't need any money, but he may be lonely with just him and Betty, so he is also looking to have a small flock in his retirement.  Again, run the numbers:  If ten people tithe three hundred dollars per month, George is doing OK as a senior citizen.  Social Security, reverse mortgages and thirty six thousand tax-free dollars per year isn't bad.

To those who stand by and allow these men to operate once again, I say, "SHAME ON YOU!"

Brent T.

February 27th, 2003