Jan 3, 2003 - Danny Edwards Writes to George Geftakys

Jan 3, 2003

Dear Brother George,

I have a desire to communicate where I stand in all that has transpired in the past few weeks and in view of the future of this ministry. It has obviously been a difficult time for all who have been involved and I am in no way insensitive to your trials in all of this. My number one concern is that the little flocks and the sheep are not stumbled and that the Workers not fall into camps and division.

A no win situation: We were asked to move into a situation that was impossible, we knew this and were okay with it, but didn’t understand the extent of it. When my family came here we were sent to help, but at the same time I was told very little about David and Judy’s history or many of the problems that existed. On the contrary I was told to stay out of the marital subject and to only try and help David in his relationships with the brothers, as well it was clear from you that Jeff and Roberto were part of the problem, Kirk as well. So at best I was faltering in trying to listen to David’s view, yours, Betty’s, Kirk’s, Jeff and Roberto, not to mention many saints in SLO and other Workers. To try to maintain a neutral place in all of this began to look as though I was doing absolutely nothing about the problems, to take any action was to take sides. So I prayed and prayed and kept coming to the same conclusion, that David needed to humble himself and repent for his bad example and for being a stumbling block for the Lord’s people.

A brief history: Before the Workers conference in 2001 I was greatly concerned as I began to discover the extent of the problems so I wrote a long letter to you and Mark and Dan. Before that conference it was evident that you were concerned about me taking sides and expressed this to various Workers. We had some good talks up at the Workers conference and I came down encouraged. Yet nothing was ever talked about again, none of my questions were answered, I was told to forget the past and keep seeking to see David recovered. (To note, this is why I asked Jeff and Roberto and the Assembly in SLO to forgive me, because at this time I should have continued to insist that we talk about my questions and try to deal with more of the offended people). So I proceeded on the recovery course, but we kept coming to the same issue, David being unrepentant. I remember a time we had asked David to humble himself by either writing a letter or speaking to the prayer meeting, asking the saints in San Luis Obispo for their forgiveness for being a bad example and for being a stumbling block. He was very upset and called you or Betty. That afternoon I received a phone call from you telling me we were not going to be doing this. I argued that we did this in Saint Louis and it needed to be done here. You insisted, I yielded, and proceeded as before, even encouraging the Leading Brothers to ask David for forgiveness in their part for lack shepherding and standing over the years.

One of the goals of this time was David possibly humbling himself as well for his part in the whole affair. Instead David viewed this time as an answer to his prayers and a sign that the brothers were changing. To note, he never asked Roberto or Jeff for forgiveness for his part in all that had taken place. Time went on and for several months we saw what we thought was a change in David, and so we decided to let him preach as I wrote in my last letter. It turned out to be an external change. This is when the saints here spoke up, and the Workers as well. Kirk wrote his letter and the website began. Basically the more we tried to ignore or deal lightly with David’s problems the worse it got. This has become a public problem and is known by many, so it has become necessary to deal with it in a public way. It became apparent that it could not be looked over or hidden any longer.

Out of favor: I get the impression that you believe that I have caused much of the present stir; if this is so I would like to comment. You have talked of my investigations and stirring up people’s emotions. There is only one Worker that I have talked to that is not directly involved or has come to me with specific questions. That was Lorraine (Sanner) Bush, and I only did this after it was brought up in two joint Workers Meetings. As I heard her response I now know it was wrong to ask her if she saw any physical encounters between David and Judy.

Other than that, most of what I have done is based on many people asking me straight questions that I did not know the answers to, good brethren that were wondering why we would allow David to preach without clear repentance. After Kirk wrote his letter I wrote to you with many things on my heart, mainly concerning David’s response to us when we asked him to hold off on preaching for a week, but also how the Assembly and the Workers were responding about David preaching. Kirk’s letter was one of the reasons I wrote to you as well. Since all of this, issues have turned to focus more on you. This was not my intention, but I believe it is all part of what God is wanting to do at this time.

David being allowed to preach is one of the main reasons we are where we are today. What this has actually done is cause many questions to rise regarding David’s history in this ministry and your knowledge of his behavior over the years. In seeing how you have responded and actually turned much of this on those who have had to talk to you has been surprising and disheartening. I believed that you would see the favoritism that you had shown to David and the lack of restraining him as your sin and would be very clear with the Workers. If you had taken most of the responsibility in this I believe that much of what is still happening would be over. This could have been done at the first joint Workers Meeting in December, but it didn’t happen and three meetings later myself, Mark and Rod are being accused of holding secret meetings to overthrow the Work.

The words 'coup d'�tat' were used, (not by you), 'conspiracy' and so on. In retrospect what we should have done is let you know that we were going to meet and discuss these issues with some brethren and have a subsequent meeting with you. As Dan pointed out during the last Workers Meeting at the seminar, our meeting had to do with the fact that you were not accepting enough responsibility and there was not a clearing of yourself in these matters. Many of us still believe that you have not cleared yourself and don’t see the gravity of the whole affair. Saying this I am not interested in pushing for a public discussion on this again, nor am I interested in seeing you disgraced because of this, nor do I think that you should step down as being head steward of the Work for this. I simply state what I think, and trust you will continue to pray what to do. Only you can clear up matters at this point. Failure to do so will only result in greater division and problems for this ministry.

The Workers Meeting During the Seminar: At the seminar Workers Meeting, instead of clearing yourself, the brethren involved in the 'secret meeting' were much more of the focus as we were soundly rebuked for our part in it. The focus shifted from you clearing yourself to others. Many stepped up and asked for forgiveness, humbling themselves for not standing faithful when they knew they should have. My main apology to you had to do with the horrible way that we were portrayed to you in regards to this secret meeting. I can understand how you viewed that meeting and for that I needed forgiveness. Those who went around calling and telling people about 14 points also need to repent, as that created a side show and diverted the gravity and the purpose of that Workers Meetings. The fact that we came to you the next day with only a portion of the list shows that we were seeking to get the mind of the Lord, but even in that meeting at Starbucks, it was clear you knew about the 'conspiracy', so you were not ready to listen. I know that if there was an issue regarding my life that needed to be discussed I wouldn’t be at the meeting, as brethren would be seeking the mind of the Lord to know what to do. Our only desire was to get the mind of the Lord and to get help from other respected brothers. Many were calling for the canceling of the seminar, some of us were not convinced of this so we talked to people like Tim McCarthy and Jack. With these two brothers we did not even discuss the 14 points, just asking them about the seminar as those who would know the pulse of their local Assemblies...

They were against stopping it. We took that as a confirmation, along with Wes’s and Scott’s thoughts, but instead of stopping at this, Scott called four people that knew nothing about a list and began to gossip, throwing words like 'coup d'�tat' around. This created another set of issues and was wrong. If he felt he needed to tell you, so be it and that should have been enough, but by the time of the seminar many others knew about this - Enoch, Mike Almanzor etc.

It is interesting to note that though the seminar went on, many issues could have continued to be dealt with if we had more time at that Workers Meeting. As it was, we had to cut it short due to the seminar the next day. You made it very clear that to stop or limit the seminar were the thoughts of men not of God.

The Seminar: At the seminar you already had your take on this whole thing without asking us what we were really up to. You called that meeting 'not from the throne of God, but from the throne of darkness', and all this 'talk, talk, talk, talk' being from the evil one and is due to living in the bargain basement. You made many references to this whole affair as one being above it all, but not the cause of a lot of it. This issue regarding exposing brethren in your ministry is what Tim entreated you about in our meeting two Monday’s ago in Laguna. This calling people out has been a source of frustration to many brethren especially over the last couple of years. Dan Notti has been humiliated time and again by you saying there are those in our midst who think they are gifted and who think they should be conference speakers and such. Even this past seminar, you talked about being 'the elder' or ones who think they are 'advanced'. Brother George, I am not being disrespectful, but these are some of your best men who have served with you for many, many years.

Concluding statements: I started at the beginning of this letter saying that I was concerned for the little flocks and the sheep. You can be assured I will not be discussing these things with others outside of direct parties involved. I know that the life of my family will impact others negatively or positively, I have always sought to be a good example for the Lord’s people. I want you to know that as the Work changes I am willing for anything, yes to be nothing. I understand that changes may need to take place with the full time Workers. Since your letter has come out about changes in the Work several have been calling us and asking us what is going to happen at this meeting on January 11th. I am saying, wait until the meeting and lets see how the Lord will lead the brothers. They also have asked if I am invited, and are amazed that I have not been invited. I have simply been pointing out that someone needs to be at the Campus Conference and I steer them away that I have fallen out of favor. Also it may be that you haven’t gotten around to inviting me, I don’t know and it isn’t even necessary in my eyes to be there...

I do believe that you, Brother George, need to be taken care of and that Tim and Mike should be a priority over me in view of the future full time Workers. I do believe that Tim ought to be used according to his gift, evangelism, and seeing the Work built up in many places. Tim should be overseen and accountable to brethren in charge of the Work. I don’t think that he should be given too much oversight, more letting him run with his great vision and burden for souls and the Work. Mike does a good job in the Midwest and is respected throughout the country. I am not saying how things should go, but I will understand if my part in all of it is lessened. I was told by David that he wouldn’t get in the way of my ministry and that by taking a stand with him I could keep my good reputation.  Once again I say that David misses the whole point. By standing in his life and by bringing up your responsibility in it, it may lead to great sacrifice for me and my family, the Lord knows. 'All my ways are before you' the Psalmist says.

Brother George, I am not quitting, I am not even discouraged, I just believe that it is all part of what the Lord needs to do in my life, yours and all the brethren involved. I believe this will all work for good as I believe we all love Him. You are His servant, I know that, I respect you and all that the Lord has done through your life and ministry. This is a blight on that ministry, this too God has allowed. I know in my life, I do not regret one day of involvement with you, it is just time to say what needs to be said. I love you, Brother George, and Betty as well. I don’t have any regrets. May the Lord lead you in these troubled times.


Danny Edwards

P.S.  This letter was written 5 days ago and much has already transpired. I didn’t send this because I had hoped there would be some real change in view of follow-up meetings in Fullerton. I did not know the content of your meeting this past Saturday, but knew that some brothers would continue to meet with you.

This past Sunday I preached a message from Acts 8 and David afterward spoke to me and said that he had heard this type of message in Boulder and Tuscola. Basically he believed that I was planning on taking this Assembly and making my own ministry and he told me I should just tell the Assembly what I was planning to do. After being lectured by him for about 10 minutes I assured him this was not so, and we shook hands and he said good...

He also had heard that I had written my resignation letter and withdrew it. I told him I had not penned a word of resignation. Three weeks ago he said he would not get in the way of my ministry and I could keep my good reputation. I hope that you have not been listening to this type of foolishness, but I have been attempting to understand why our relationship has changed in just a matter of a month or so. I have heard you say time and again that no-one preaches the Vision as clearly as guys like Roger Grant, Danny Edwards and Scott Testa. It was asked at that meeting on Saturday if I was going to the Jan 11th meeting and you said no. That is okay, I have never sought a place or a name.

All of us who have been involved in approaching you have said what we said out of great respect and in fear and trembling. Something greater now is needed and once again it is possible with true humility and willingness to listen to the brothers. Brother, can you understand why people are so concerned? Do you see the need to clear this up in a more decisive way?

Cc:  Mark Miller, Rod Zach, Roger Grant

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